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A Raven is a pet a player may have at level 50 Summoning. Ravens have to be hatched from a Raven egg by using the egg on an incubator located in any pet shop. Players can talk to ravens, but can only understand them at level 60 Summoning. Ravens have two growth stages, unlike god birds which have three. It takes 10 hours for a raven to become fully grown. Raven chicks can be fed Ground fishing bait while adults will eat Fishing bait.

Raven eggs are found in Bird's nests randomly obtained during Woodcutting and found in nests obtained by the Evil tree Distraction and Diversion. They can be found in nests obtained by Managing Miscellania, but not in nests obtained from Wyson the gardener in exchange for Mole skins or Mole claws.

If you already have a raven in your bank or inventory, you will get a message reading, "You already have that kind of pet, you cannot have another". In order to obtain another raven, you must place your current raven in the Menagerie room in your POH. If you have more than two ravens in your Pet House, destruction of your Pet House or your Menagerie room will result in the loss of all extra ravens. There is no known method of obtaining more than one raven outside of your POH.

Colour Baby Adult
Chathead NPC Chathead NPC
Black with
yellow beak
Baby raven (black) chathead
Black raven chick
Adult raven (black) chathead
Black raven
Black with
Baby raven (black with crest) chathead
Adult raven (black with crest) chathead
Black mohawked raven
Baby raven (blue) chathead
Adult raven (blue) chathead
Blue raven
Blue with
Baby raven (blue with crest) chathead
Adult raven (blue with crest) chathead
Blue mohawked raven
Baby raven (red) chathead
Red raven chick
Adult raven (red) chathead
Red raven
Red with
Baby raven (red and crest) chathead
Adult raven (red and crest) chathead
Red mohawked raven



  • The raven's dialogue makes numerous references to the works of Edgar Allan Poe, from the general depressive tone found in all of Poe's work, to several direct quotes from his poem The Raven. During the 2010 Halloween event, there were two NPC Ravens named Edgar and Allan.
  • If you wear four or more pieces of the Ghostly robes set, you will be able to have an alternate dialogue with the Raven.
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