Rat may refer to:

  • Rat, a monster that can be found almost anywhere
  • Rat (Swept Away), one of Betty's pets in Swept Away
  • Giant rat, a monster commonly found in Misthalin
  • Angry giant rat, a monster that appears during and after A Soul's Bane
  • Blessed giant rat, a monster found in the Underground Pass
  • Warped rat, a monster found in the Lumbridge Catacombs
  • Zombie rat, a monster found in Melzar's Maze
  • Dungeon rat, a monster involved in Clock Tower
  • Hell-Rat, a monster found in Evil Dave's basement
  • Crypt rat, a monster found in Barrows tunnels and the Chaos Tunnels
  • Giant crypt rat, a monster found in Barrows tunnels
  • Brine rat, a Slayer monster unlocked after completion of Olaf's Quest
  • Albino rat, a Summoning familiar
  • King rat, a non-player character involved in Ratcatchers
  • Rat Burgiss, a character from the quest What Lies Below

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