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Old School RuneScape icon
This cape has a trimmed, hooded, hooded trimmed, and master version.
Ranging cape
Ranging cape
Release date 18 October 2006 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable Yes
Stackable No
Value 99,000 coins
High alch 59,400 coins
Low alch 39,600 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price 99,000 coins
(Armour Salesman)
Examine The cape worn by master archers.
Weight 0.453 kg
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Ranging cape detail

The Ranging cape is the Cape of Accomplishment for the Ranged skill. It can be purchased for 99,000 coins alongside the Ranging hood from the Armour Salesman at the Ranging Guild by players who have achieved level 99 Ranged. Ranging capes are green in colour, and have an orange trim if the player has more than one level 99 skill.

The ranging hood can be attached to the cape by using one on the other, creating a hooded ranging cape. It can be detached with a right-click option.

Talking to Armour salesman gives an option to toggle the appearance of the cape to a retro version, overriding the normal appearance and making it look similar to how it did before the 2015 graphical update. Despite it not being a new item, the retro cape can be used with a dragon keepsake key.

Ranged Emote
Combat StatsRanging cape equipped

A player wearing a ranging cape

Retro ranging cape equipped

A player wearing a retro ranging cape

Skill requirements
99 Ranged-icon
CombatSwords AllCape slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Strength bonuses


  • Currently, 177,179 people are able to own this cape (as seen on the highscores).

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