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Ranger boots detail

Ranger boots are a rare item received from a level 2 Treasure Trail. These boots are considered the best level 2 clue scroll reward, and are regarded as the rarest level 2 clue scroll reward, in front of wizard boots. They have a requirement of level 40 Ranged and 40 Defence in order to wear.

One pair of boots for each colour can be stored separately in a Mahogany treasure chest.

Combat Stats
RequirementsRanger boots equipped
40 Defence
Ranged RangedFeet slot
40Power armour
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour26PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


For 4000 loyalty points, players can buy the ability to change the colour of their ranger boots. This cannot be refunded, but once bought, players can change the colour of their boots as many times as they like. While coloured boots are untradeable, they may be changed back to their original colour (green) and then traded/sold on the G.E. The possible colours are:


Ranger boots are commonly used in conjunction with a Robin Hood hat for the cosmetic appearance. This item can fluctuate in price on the Grand Exchange by a considerable amount. In 2004, a common price for them was about 400-500k. For a while, it was stable at about 3.9 million coins. In mid 2008, it quickly increased up to about 5.3 million, after which it steadily fell to about 4.3 million in October 2008. Now the price is slowly decreasing, though it once exceeded 30 million coins, and is currently at around 10 million coins, and has started dropping due to the introduction of Glaiven boots, which are higher in stats, and more recently, Armadyl boots, which are almost identical in stats to ranger boots, but significantly easier to find, and Pernix boots, which are surpassed only by Glaiven boots. All of these options provide players with more choices, thus freeing up the bottleneck in ranged footwear among higher level players.

Ranger boots originally resembled the green coloured Fremennik boots, but were changed due to players scamming other players by switching ranger boots with Fremennik boots during trades.


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