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Ranged weaponry

Ranged weaponry.

Ranged weapons are a set of combat items which are used to fire projectiles at enemies. When equipped these items provide experience in the Ranged skill. Ranged weapons are most effective against magic armour and least effective against melee armour.

Ranged weapons can be divided into three categories by the type of ammunition they use, which each have monsters that are weak to them. They are: arrows, bolts and thrown.

Currently the highest hitting and the most accurate ranged weapons are the Ascension crossbow and the Noxious longbow, excluding weapons found in Daemonheim and the Dominion Crossbow.

Bows (arrows)Edit

Bows are ranged weapons which require arrows as ammunition. All bows are two handed weapons. They can be separated into two categories: shortbows, and shieldbows.

Shortbows have better offensive stats, while shieldbows offer armour and life bonuses and allow the use of abilities that require shields being equipped. Shortbows have a range of 7 squares, and shieldbows have a range of 8 squares.

Bow typesEdit


Shortbows require two hands to wield and arrows as ammunition. Unlike shieldbows, shortbows offer no armour or life bonuses. However, they do have higher base damage and faster rate of fire (3 seconds between shots). Range: 7 squares.

Bow Ranged-icon Level Accuracy  Arrow weakness icon Damage Members
Shortbow Shortbow 1 150 43 F2P icon
Chargebow Chargebow[1] 1 150 91 F2P icon
Quickbow Quickbow[1] 5 202 183 F2P icon
Oak shortbow Oak shortbow 10 202 87 F2P icon
Willow shortbow Willow shortbow 20 316 175 F2P icon
Maple shortbow Maple shortbow 30 454 263 F2P icon
Comp ogre bow Comp ogre bow[2] 30 454 382 P2P icon
Yew shortbow Yew shortbow 40 628 351 F2P icon
Magic shortbow Magic shortbow 50 850 438 F2P icon
Seercull Seercull 50 901 249 P2P icon
Gravite shortbow Gravite shortbow 55 (45 Dungeoneering ) 983 510 F2P icon
Elder shortbow Elder shortbow 60 1132 526 P2P icon
Crystal bow Crystal bow[1] 70 (50 Agility ) 1486 1286 P2P icon
Attuned crystal bow Attuned crystal bow[1] 80 (50 Agility ) 1924 1470 P2P icon
Zaryte bow Zaryte bow[1] 80 1924 1470 P2P icon
Noxious longbow Noxious longbow 90 2458 1147 P2P icon
Seren godbow Seren godbow[1] 92 2577 2056 P2P icon
  1. ^ a b c d e f Does not require ammunition.
  2. ^ Only fires Ogre and Brutal arrows.


Shieldbows require two hands to wield and arrows as ammunition. They have lower base damage than shortbows and speed (3.6 seconds between shots) than shortbows. However, they offer armour and life bonuses, as well as the option to use defensive abilities requiring a shield be equipped. Range: 8 squares.

Bow Ranged-icon Level Accuracy Arrow weakness icon Damage Armour Life Bonus Members
Shieldbow Shieldbow 1 150 26 30 0 F2P icon
Oak shieldbow Oak shieldbow 10 202 53 40 0 F2P icon
Willow shieldbow Willow shieldbow 20 316 106 63 0 F2P icon
Willow composite bow Willow composite bow 20 316 106 63 0 F2P icon
Maple shieldbow Maple shieldbow 30 454 159 90 0 F2P icon
Ogre bow Ogre bow[1] 30 454 278 0 0 P2P icon
Yew shieldbow Yew shieldbow 40 628 212 125 0 F2P icon
Yew composite bow Yew composite bow 40 628 212 125 0 P2P icon
Maple shieldbow (sighted) Maple shieldbow (sighted) 45

(45 Dungeoneering)

732 238 146 0 F2P icon
Magic shieldbow Magic shieldbow 50

(50 Defence)

850 265 170 0 F2P icon
Magic composite bow Magic composite bow 50 850 265 170 0 P2P icon
Magic shieldbow (sighted) Magic shieldbow (sighted) 55

(55 Defence)

983 291 196 0 F2P icon
Saradomin bow Saradomin bow 55 983 291 179 0 P2P icon
Guthix bow Guthix bow 55 983 291 179 0 P2P icon
Zamorak bow Zamorak bow 55 983 291 179 0 P2P icon
Elder shieldbow Elder shieldbow 60 1132 318 226 0 P2P icon
Elder shieldbow (sighted) Elder shieldbow (sighted) 65 1299 344 259 0 P2P icon
Dark bow Dark bow 70 1486 371 297 0 P2P icon
Strykebow Strykebow 85 2178 450 435 560 P2P icon
  1. ^ Only fires Ogre arrows.


Arrows are used for ammunition with bows. They do not affect accuracy, but do add damage bonuses. A higher level arrow adds more damage but can make ranged combat very expensive. The type of bow wielded may limit the amount of damage that arrows add. For example, if a tier 50 bow is used with tier 60 arrows, the damage added by the arrows will not be tier 60 but rather tier 50 (i.e. the level of the bow). Non-members cannot use Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak, Dragon, Dark or Araxyte arrows. All arrows except for the God arrows and Araxyte arrows can be fletched by members.

Arrow Ranged-icon Level Ranged damage
Bronze arrow 5 Bronze arrows 1 48
Iron arrow 5 Iron arrows 10 96
Steel arrow 5 Steel arrows 20 192
Mithril arrow 5 Mithril arrows 30 288
Adamant arrow 5 Adamant arrows 40 384
Rune arrow 5 Rune arrows 50 480
Saradomin arrows 5 Saradomin arrows 50 528
Guthix arrows 5 Guthix arrows 50 528
Zamorak arrows 5 Zamorak arrows 50 528
Dragon arrow 5 Dragon arrows 60 576
Dark arrow 5 Dark arrows 70 672
Wild arrow 5 Wild arrows 85 816
Araxyte arrow 5 Araxyte arrows 90 864

Ogre and brutal arrowsEdit

Ogre and brutal arrows are only available to members and can only be used with ogre bows. Ogre arrows can be fletched during and after the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest and can be used with either an ogre bow or a composite ogre bow.

Brutal arrows can be fletched after completing the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest and can only be used with a composite ogre bow. They are currently the only effective weapon against Zogres and Skogres.

Arrow Ranged-icon Level Ranged damage
Ogre arrow 5 Ogre arrows 30 288
Bronze brutal 5 Bronze brutal arrows 1 48
Iron brutal 5 Iron brutal arrows 10 96
Steel brutal 5 Steel brutal arrows 15 144
Black brutal 5 Black brutal arrows 20 192
Mithril brutal 5 Mithril brutal arrows 23 220
Adamant brutal 5 Adamant brutal arrows 40 316
Rune brutal 5 Rune brutal arrows 50 412

Crossbows (bolts)Edit

Crossbows are ranged weapons which require bolts as ammunition. They can be separated into two categories: crossbows and two-handed crossbows.

Crossbows have a faster rate of fire (2.4 seconds) than two-handed crossbows (3.6 seconds). Crossbows leave the shield slot open which can be filled by off-handed crossbows to further increase rate of fire. Two-handed crossbows offer a base damage bonus in addition to the damage bonus from the bolts used, while crossbows rely only on the bolt to deal damage. Both types have the same accuracy

Crossbow typesEdit

One-Handed CrossbowsEdit

Name Ranged-icon Level Accuracy Members
Crossbow Crossbow 1 150 F2P icon
Phoenix crossbow Phoenix crossbow 1 110 F2P icon
Bronze crossbow Bronze crossbow 1 150 P2P icon
Off-hand bronze crossbow Off-hand bronze crossbow 1 150 P2P icon
Coral crossbow Coral crossbow[1] 1 160 P2P icon
Iron crossbow Iron crossbow 10 202 P2P icon
Off-hand iron crossbow Off-hand iron crossbow 10 202 P2P icon
Blurite crossbow Blurite crossbow 16 268 P2P icon
Steel crossbow Steel crossbow 20 316 P2P icon
Off-hand steel crossbow Off-hand steel crossbow 20 316 P2P icon
Dorgeshuun c&#039;bow Dorgeshuun c'bow[2] 28 424 P2P icon
Black crossbow Black crossbow 25 308 P2P icon
Mith crossbow Mith crossbow 30 454 P2P icon
Off-hand mithril crossbow Off-hand mithril crossbow 30 454 P2P icon
Adamant crossbow Adamant crossbow 40 628 P2P icon
Off-hand adamant crossbow Off-hand adamant crossbow 40 628 P2P icon
Zanik&#039;s crossbow Zanik's crossbow 48 801 P2P icon
Hunters&#039; crossbow Hunters' crossbow[3] 50 850 P2P icon
Rune crossbow Rune crossbow 50 850 P2P icon
Off-hand rune crossbow Off-hand rune crossbow 50 850 P2P icon
Demon slayer crossbow Demon slayer crossbow 60 1040 P2P icon
Off-hand demon slayer crossbow Off-hand demon slayer crossbow 60 1040 P2P icon
Dragon crossbow Dragon crossbow 60 1132 P2P icon
Off-hand dragon crossbow Off-hand dragon crossbow 60 1132 P2P icon
Karil&#039;s pistol crossbow Karil's pistol crossbow[4] 70 1486 P2P icon
Karil&#039;s off-hand pistol crossbow Karil's off-hand pistol crossbow[4] 70 1486 P2P icon
Armadyl crossbow Armadyl crossbow 75 1694 P2P icon
Off-hand Armadyl crossbow Off-hand Armadyl crossbow 75 1694 P2P icon
Chaotic crossbow Chaotic crossbow 80 1924 P2P icon
Off-hand chaotic crossbow Off-hand chaotic crossbow 80 1924 P2P icon
Ascension crossbow Ascension crossbow 90 2458 P2P icon
Off-hand Ascension crossbow Off-hand Ascension crossbow 90 2458 P2P icon
  1. ^ Only fires Coral bolts.
  2. ^ This crossbow cannot use enchanted or gem-tipped bolts.
  3. ^ Only fires Kebbit and long kebbit bolts.
  4. ^ a b Only fires Bolt racks.

Two-handed crossbowsEdit

All two-handed crossbows are members items.

Name Ranged-icon Level Accuracy Damage
Bronze 2h crossbow Bronze 2h crossbow 1 150 63
Iron 2h crossbow Iron 2h crossbow 10 202 127
Steel 2h crossbow Steel 2h crossbow 20 316


Black 2h crossbow Black 2h crossbow 25 381 318
Mithril 2h crossbow Mithril 2h crossbow 30 454 382
Adamant 2h crossbow Adamant 2h crossbow 40 628 510
Rune 2h crossbow Rune 2h crossbow 50 850 637
Dragon 2h crossbow Dragon 2h crossbow 60 1132 795
Karil&#039;s crossbow Karil's crossbow[1] 70 1486 927
Hand cannon Hand cannon[2] 75 1694 993
Royal crossbow Royal crossbow 80 1924 1060
Wyvern crossbow Wyvern crossbow 85 2178 1083
Dominion crossbow Dominion crossbow[3] 90 2458 1147
  1. ^ Only fires Bolt racks.
  2. ^ Only fires Hand cannon shots.
  3. ^ Does not require ammunition. Only usable in the Dominion Tower.


Bolts are used for ammunition with crossbows. They do not affect accuracy, but do add damage bonuses. A higher level bolt adds more damage but can make ranged combat very expensive.  The type of crossbow wielded may limit the amount of damage that bolts add. For example, if a tier 70 crossbow is used with tier 80 bolts, the damage added by the bolts will not be tier 80 but rather tier 70 (i.e. the level of the crossbow). Gem tipped bolts can be enchanted using the Enchant Crossbow Bolt spell.

Name Level Damage Special
Bronze bolts 5 Bronze bolts 1 48
Coral bolts 5 Coral bolts 1 48 Can only be used with the coral crossbow
Fragment bolts 4 Fragment bolts 1 48 Does 768 damage against Ascension creatures.
Barbed bolts 5 Barbed bolts 1 48
Blurite bolts 5 Blurite bolts 16 57
Iron bolts 5 Iron bolts 10 96
Opal bolts 5 Opal bolts 10 96
Steel bolts 5 Steel bolts 20 192
Pearl bolts 5 Pearl bolts 20 192
Opal bolts (e) 5 Opal bolts (e) 20 192 Lucky lightning enchantment
Jade bolts 5 Jade bolts 25 240
Silver bolts 5 Silver bolts 25 240
Bone bolts 5 Bone bolts 28 268 Can only be used with the Dorgeshuun or Zanik's crossbow
Mithril bolts 5 Mithril bolts 30 288
Topaz bolts 5 Topaz bolts 30 288
Pearl bolts (e) 5 Pearl bolts (e) 30 288 Sea curse enchantment
Black bolts 5 Black bolts 33 316
Jade bolts (e) 5 Jade bolts (e) 35 336 Earth’s fury enchantment
Adamant bolts 5 Adamant bolts 40 384
Sapphire bolts 5 Sapphire bolts 40 384
Topaz bolts (e) 5 Topaz bolts (e) 40 384 Down to earth enchantment
Runite bolts 5 Runite bolts 50 480
Broad-tipped bolts 5 Broad-tipped bolts 50 480 Can be used to kill Kurasks
Kebbit bolts Kebbit bolts 50 480 Can only be used with the Hunters' crossbow
Long kebbit bolts Long kebbit bolts 50 480 Can only be used with the Hunters' crossbow
Emerald bolts 5 Emerald bolts 50 480
Ruby bolts 5 Ruby bolts 50 480
Sapphire bolts (e) 5 Sapphire bolts (e) 50 480 Clear mind enchantment
Diamond bolts 5 Diamond bolts 60 576
Dragon bolts 5 Dragon bolts 60 576
Emerald bolts (e) 5 Emerald bolts (e) 60 576 Magical poision enchantment
Ruby bolts (e) 5 Ruby bolts (e) 60 576 Blood forfeit enchantment
Abyssalbane bolt 5 Abyssalbane bolt 60 576 Does extra damage to Abyssal demons
Basiliskbane bolt 5 Basiliskbane bolt 60 576 Does extra damage to Basilisks
Dragonbane bolt 5 Dragonbane bolt 60 576 Does extra damage to Dragons
Wallasalkibane bolt 5 Wallasalkibane bolt 60 576 Does extra damage to Wallasalkis
Bolt rack 5 Bolt rack 70 672 Can only be used with Karil's crossbow or Karil's pistol crossbow and off-hand variant.
Onyx bolts 5 Onyx bolts 70 672
Diamond bolts (e) 5 Diamond bolts (e) 70 672 Armour piercing enchantment
Dragon bolts (e) 5 Dragon bolts (e) 70 672 Dragon’s breath enchantment
Bakriminel bolts 5 Bakriminel bolts 80 720
Royal bolts 5 Royal bolts 80 768
Onyx bolts (e) 5 Onyx bolts (e) 80 768 Leech life enchantment
Ascension bolts 4 Ascension bolts 90 864
Ascendri bolts 90 902

Mithril grappleEdit

Members can use a mithril grapple as a tool for scaling high obstacles, such as walls. Rangers can create mithril grapples and attach them to mithril bolts provided with the required smithing level. To use the grapple, players use a rope with the grapple and then use it on the shortcut. Players will need to have a crossbow equipped to use the grapple.

Each time a player uses their grapple, there is a chance that it can break. It cannot be repaired, meaning if a player's grapple does break, they will need to make a new one. Shortcuts that require grapples also require Ranged, Strength, and Agility levels.


Salamanders function as two-handed crossbows.

Weapon (creature) Ranged Level Accuracy Damage Ammo
Swamp lizard Swamp lizard (hunter) 30 454 397 Guam tar Guam tar
Orange salamander Orange salamander (hunter) 50 850 662 Marrentill tar Marrentill tar
Red salamander Red salamander (hunter) 60 1132 795 Tarromin tar Tarromin tar
Black salamander Black salamander (hunter) 70 1486 927 Harralander tar Harralander tar

Throwing weapons (thrown)Edit


Main article: Darts

Darts can be made after completing the Tourist Trap quest. Players can smith 10 dart tips per bar and can then attach feathers to create a completed dart. They can be wielded as a weapon, allowing players to also carry a shield or off-hand weapon. Note that black darts are only available as drops from elite dark rangers. Darts are stackable, however, they cannot be thrown as far as a player with a bow. The setback is minor, given its decent striking power, speed and availability. Thus, making it a popular training weapon in the ranging arsenal.

Name Level Damage Accuracy
Bronze dart Bronze dart 1 48 150
Off-hand bronze dart Off-hand bronze dart 1 24 150
Iron dart Iron dart 10 96 202
Off-hand iron dart Off-hand iron dart 10 48 202
Steel dart Steel dart 20 192 316
Off-hand steel dart Off-hand steel dart 20 96 316
Black dart Black dart 25 240 381
Off-hand black dart Off-hand black dart 25 120 381
Mithril dart Mithril dart 30 288 454
Off-hand mithril dart Off-hand mithril dart 30 144 454
Adamant dart Adamant dart 40 384 628
Off-hand adamant dart Off-hand adamant dart 40 192 628
Rune dart Rune dart 50 480 850
Off-hand rune dart Off-hand rune dart 50 240 850
Dragon dart Dragon dart 60 576 1132
Off-hand dragon dart Off-hand dragon dart 60 288 1132
Blisterwood stake Blisterwood stake 70 672 1486
Off-hand blisterwood stake Off-hand blisterwood stake 70 336 1486
Death Lotus dart Death Lotus dart 85 816 2178
Off-hand Death Lotus dart Off-hand Death Lotus dart 85 408 2178
Deathtouched dart Deathtouched dart any 48 150


Javelins can be bought from the Grand Exchange, Ranging Guild, Void Knights Outposts Archery Shoppe, or obtained from monster drops. They can be wielded as a weapon, allowing players to also wield a shield or off-hand weapon. They are the only thrown weapons available for free players, with the exception of the Sagaie and Morrigan's javelin.

Javelins are much slower than other thrown weapons, but they do more damage per hit.

Javelin Level Accuracy Damage
Bronze javelin Bronze javelin 1 150 74
Iron javelin Iron javelin 10 202 149
Steel javelin Steel javelin 20 316 298
Mithril javelin Mithril javelin 30 454 447
Adamant javelin Adamant javelin 40 628 596
Rune javelin Rune javelin 50 850 745
Sagaie Sagaie 72 1566 1072
Morrigan&#039;s javelin Morrigan's javelin 78 1829 1162

Throwing axesEdit

Throwing axes can be created by players, purchased from the Ranging Guild, or bought from other players. They can be wielded as a single-handed weapon, allowing players to also wield a shield or off-hand weapon. Note that Morrigan's axe can only be obtained as a drop from Revenants.

Throwing axes are slightly slower than throwing knives and darts, but do more damage per hit.

Throwing axe Level Accuracy Damage
Bronze throwing axe Bronze throwing axe 1 150 61
Off-hand bronze throwing axe Off-hand bronze throwing axe 1 150 30
Iron throwing axe Iron throwing axe 10 202 122
Off-hand iron throwing axe Off-hand iron throwing axe 10 202 61
Steel throwing axe Steel throwing axe 20 316 245
Off-hand steel throwing axe Off-hand steel throwing axe 20 316 122
Mithril throwing axe Mithril throwing axe 30 454 367
Off-hand mithril throwing axe Off-hand mithril throwing axe 30 454 183
Adamant throwing axe Adamant throwing axe 40 628 490
Off-hand adamant throwing axe Off-hand adamant throwing axe 40 628 245
Rune throwing axe Rune throwing axe 50 850 612
Off-hand rune throwing axe Off-hand rune throwing axe 50 850 306
Dragon throwing axe Dragon throwing axe 60 1132 894
Off-hand dragon throwing axe Off-hand dragon throwing axe 60 1132 447
Morrigan&#039;s throwing axe Morrigan's throwing axe 78 1829 955

Throwing knivesEdit

Throwing knives are similar to darts. They are one of the fastest weapon types in the game and can be smithed. They can be wielded as a single-handed weapon, allowing players to wield a shield or off-hand weapon.

Players receive 5 throwing knives from each bar they smith. Throwing knives are stackable, however, they cannot be thrown as far as a player with a bow. The setback is minor, given its decent striking power, speed and availability (thus making it a popular training weapon in the ranging arsenal).

Throwing knife Damage Accuracy
Bronze knife Bronze knife 48 150
Off-hand bronze knife Off-hand bronze knife 24 150
Iron knife Iron knife 96 202
Off-hand iron knife Off-hand iron knife 48 202
Steel knife Steel knife 192 316
Off-hand steel knife Off-hand steel knife 96 316
Black knife Black knife 240 381
Off-hand black knife Off-hand black knife 120 381
Mithril knife Mithril knife 288 454
Off-hand mithril knife Off-hand mithril knife 144 454
Adamant knife Adamant knife 384 628
Off-hand adamant knife Off-hand adamant knife 192 628
Rune knife Rune knife 480 850
Off-hand rune knife Off-hand rune knife 240 850
Dragon knife Dragon knife[1] 576 1132
Off-hand dragon knife Off-hand dragon knife[1] 288 1132
  1. ^ a b Cannot be crafted, dropped by Throwing muspahs.

Crystal ChakramsEdit

Crystal chakrams are Elven thrown ranged weapons, which have normal and attuned variants. The normal variant requries 70 Ranged and Roving Elves to be completed to wield, while the attuned variant requires 80 Ranged and Plague's End to wield, and 90 Smithing to make.

Ranged weaponRanged level Damage bonus Accuracy
Crystal chakram Crystal chakram 70 857 1486
Off-hand crystal chakram Off-hand crystal chakram 70 428 1486
Attuned crystal chakram Attuned crystal chakram 80 980 1924
Off-hand attuned crystal chakram Off-hand attuned crystal chakram 80 490 1924


Chinchompas are a unique, stackable, one-time use ranged explosion weapon. They have three attack styles: short, medium, and long, which determine the length of fuse and its effectiveness. Selecting short makes it more effective at short distance. A longer fuse enables the Chinchompa weapon to be used for longer distance attacks, but also decreases throwing rate. A Chinchompa explosion damages all targets within a three by three area. Chinchompas are obtained by box trapping. Mechanised chinchompa are made using the Invention skill.

Ranged weaponRanged levelDamage bonusAccuracy
Chinchompa Chinchompa 45 551 732
Red chinchompa Red chinchompa 55 673 983
Mechanised chinchompa Mechanised chinchompa 75 994 1694


Ranged weaponRanged levelDamage bonusAccuracy
Bolas Bolas 76 - 1738


Toktz-Xil-Ul is the TzHaar name for obsidian throwing rings.

Ranged weaponRanged level Damage bonus Accuracy
Toktz-xil-ul Toktz-xil-ul 60 735 1132

Obsidian throwing rings can be obtained by buying from the TzHaar combat store, as a drop from the creatures in TzHaar, or by buying it from another player. They cost around 350 Tokkul per throwing ring. This weapon cannot be made using the Smithing skill.

Other Ranged equipmentEdit

Members also have access to different kinds of weapons. They are:

Ranged weaponRanged level Damage bonus Accuracy Ammunition
DwarfcannonDwarf multicannon 5 (Dwarf Cannon) N/A N/A Cannonball
Holy water Holy water 50 (Legends' Quest) 480 850 None


Bolt pouch
Bolt pouch menu

The bolt pouch menu when left-clicked

Although not a weapon, members have access to a bolt pouch, allowing them to carry a variety of bolts without occupying too much of their bank or inventory space. They can be purchased from the crossbow sales dwarf in Keldagrim. Each player is restricted to one bolt pouch at a time. Destroying it or losing it upon death will cause all the bolts in the pouch to be dropped on the ground.

Bolt pouches can only hold 4 different kinds of bolts. To store bolts in a pouch, players have to use them with the pouch. Left-clicking on the pouch will open a menu showing players what bolts are currently in the pouch. Each of the four slots can hold up to 255 bolts. Bolts can be removed from the pouch or equipped by right-clicking on them. Grapples, however, cannot be stored in pouches. Bolt pouches are untradeable.

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