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A Ranged pure is a type of Combat pure who specialises mostly in the Ranged skill and focuses on raising it to high levels. They are mostly found in the P2P worlds, where they are considered to be most effective.


A Range pure relies on the basic idea that increasing Ranged is equal to increasing the two sub-skills Ranged Attack and Ranged Strength. Thus, a Ranger only has to increase one skill, where a Melee increases both Attack and Strength. A Ranged pure, therefore, has a lesser Combat Level than a Melee, with arguably the same attack statistics. Most Ranged pures, except the Ranged Tank, concentrate on having their Defence level as 1, thus having a lower Combat Level.

A Ranged pure mostly falls under the following categories:-

  • Ranged pure (Increase only Ranged)
  • Ranged / 2h pure (Increase Ranged and Strength)
  • Ranged Tank (Increase Ranged and Defence)
  • Hybrid Ranged pure (Increase Ranged and Magic)

All these types of pures differ in their Ranged, Strength, Defence or Attack levels. Additionally, a pure can also have Prayer, although many low-level Rangers prefer to have it at 1, as Prayer increases the pure's Combat Level. However, after 80 range, 44 prayer for Eagle Eye can be extremely helpful. It gives a 12 level boost for only 5 combat levels, which cannot be achieved if the pure trains regularly (must do an activity like soul wars to get 12 levels of range with only 5 combat levels).

The Pure RangerEdit

The Pure Ranger is a type of Ranged pure that concentrates only on increasing Range. All other combat-related skills are kept at 1 or close to 1. Most Pure Rangers are only effective at low levels. Thus, Pure Rangers usually have the following statistics:

Combat level
Defence-icon 1 Constitution-icon 32
Prayer-icon 1 Summoning-icon 1
Attack-icon 1 8.75 8
Strength-icon 1
Ranged-icon 50 40.75 40
Magic-icon 1 8.75 8

The Ranged level could be anywhere from 40 to 99, but most ranged pures quit being one at around 70-80 range.

Pure Rangers are usually very difficult and strenuous to train, as their defence and Constitution levels are very low. The only advantages they have are the convenient safe spots; areas from where they can attack other monsters but the monsters cannot attack them in return.

Strategy UsedEdit

Pure Rangers usually take advantage of the distance between them and their opponents. They start attacking from afar, thus gaining a starting bonus during PvP combat. If their Range levels are high, they can hit up to 270 Life Points or more (in members). Their low combat level, ability to attack from a distance and quick attacking usually gives them an advantage during PvP combat.

However, in F2P, ranged pures are deadly but not effective due to their inability to effectively knock out their opponents. This is owed to the fact that usually rangers can not hit high enough to kill the other person through food. Most of the time, Range pures in f2p win fights, but remain unable to claim the kill.

In P2P, however, it is a different story. Equipping such ammunition as Dragon bolts(e) can equalise the ranger's playing field to that of practitioners of the other two aspects of the combat triangle.

Strategies Used Against Pure RangersEdit

The most efficient way to fight a pure ranger is to simply fight like normal, and safe a little. Eat at around 170 and eat twice so you can actually get a hit in (if you eat once the range pure hits twice in that same time) then try to hit and kill them. They'll have low life points, so you should get some KO opportunities.


Ranger with defence is called Range Tanker and is very good against combat pure, but again, at low levels, they mainly WIN fights not kill people.

Quests available to Pure RangersEdit

These are quests that are available and can be done by Ranged pures. All quests that involve combat but not specifically, and does not give any combat experience at the end, can be done by Pure Rangers.

Free to Play

Pay to Play

The Most Effective PureEdit

Generally, most people tend to range/2h, so now the number of ranged pures is booming, due to a simple strategy that takes away the advantage of strength. Contrary to popular belief, Pure Rangers can have up to 70 Ranged at level 42, enabling them to hit rapid 120s. This is the same as the most popular Free to Play food, the lobster, can heal. Assuming that a Ranged/2H pure is at low health, and a Ranged pure also is at low health, the Ranged/2H pure will often pull out a 2H sword. At this time, if they do not eat, they may be worn down to 0 LP by the Ranger, if they choose to continue to fire. This may cause the death of the Ranged/2H pure instead of the Ranged Pure. However, this is a risk on both players ends, and may result in the death of the Ranger, or both pures at the same time.

The Ranged / 2h PureEdit

The Ranged / Two-Handed pure uses a combo of Range and Strength levels. The most popular tactic used in such pures is to attack constantly and quickly with Ranged, till the opponent's life points gets very low. At these stages, when the opponent is most likely to start eating lots of food, the pure suddenly wields a Two-Handed Sword (or a Battleaxe) and goes for a killing swipe at the opponent's life points. This strategy is strongly gaining popularity in F2P worlds, as the inability of the Ranged pure to KO a player is overcome in this type of pure.

A Ranged / 2h pure usually has the following statistics:

Combat level
Defence-icon 1 Constitution-icon 10
Prayer-icon 1 Summoning-icon 1
Attack-icon 40 35.25 35
Strength-icon 60
Ranged-icon 65 45 45
Magic-icon 30 22.25 22

Types of Knock-OutsEdit

There are mainly three types of KO combos used by the Ranged / 2h pures:

  • The QuickSwitch. This is the most basic kind of KO used by a pure. When the opponents LP are low, the Ranged/2H pure will switch to a 2H immediately as they fire an arrow, and click on the opponent. This shows the opponent the 2H, but is still quite effective.
  • The "Bait 'N Ko" Switch. In this type of KO-ing, when the opponent's life points gets low, the pure runs away from the player in order to "bait" him/her. Most opponents take this as a sign of giving up or "safing" by the pure, and run after him/her. This prevents the opponent from eating food to heal himself/herself. Then, the pure suddenly wields the Two-Handed sword and attacks, killing the player.
  • The Delayed Switch. This is the most difficult as well as the most successful and popular kind of KO used by Range/2h pures. If a player times their wielding of the 2H perfectly, and clicks on the opponent within the same game tick, this will cause the player to not see the 2H ever coming; there will be no delay between the wielding of the 2H and the strike. Essentially, the 2H will strike just as it is wielded, making this KO completely unexpected, and much more dangerous. This can also be mixed with the "Bait N' Ko'; one could run away and hit at the perfect timing, making an even more dangerous combo.

The Ranged / Mage pureEdit

  • This kind of ranged pure have trained their ranged and magic at high levels at same time. The player lowers the opponent's life points with ranged fast attacks and then click use the strongest spell they have to KO the opponent.
  • Example: The pure has a Ranged level of 60 and a magic of 60 (they both raise combat level in same way and do not stack so you can have both at same level but with same combat level) the pure lowers the enemies to 150 and then use the fire blast spell and can KO without having higher ranged at level 90+ when they can hit 150s. This is a popular way of a pure in F2P because the ranged attacks cant KO players like in P2P but magic can do it very easily.

The Range TankEdit

The range tank focuses all combat skills other than Attack and Strength, keeping a ranged based combat level, and thus keeping a lower combat level than if melee offence had been trained. In order to keep a ranged based combat level, your Attack and Strength levels must add up to no more than 148. The ranged tank is one of the very few pures which does not limit defence. Due to the fact that very few skills are limited, ranged tanks take a lot more time to train than other combat pures.

Combat level
Defence-icon 99 Constitution-icon 99
Prayer-icon 99 Summoning-icon 99
Attack-icon 70 119.5 119
Strength-icon 70
Ranged-icon 99 138.25 138
Magic-icon 99 138.25 138

The aim of a range tank is to use a very high defence level to take as few hits as possible, while using ranged attacks to deal a large amount of damage. To do this, defence is trained into the 80s or 90s. 99 defence on a range tank is quite common. A range tank without 99 range is very rare, and is often achieved before defence is trained. Many range tanks are former range pures who decided to train defence. 94 magic is also very common in order to use vengeance.

Range tanks are most commonly found in P2P, where they have a variety of armour to choose from. The most standard setup involves using a rune crossbow, and a mixture of melee and ranged armour in order to have a high ranged attack and defensive bonuses. A melee helmet and shield is usually used, along with a ranged body. The choice of melee or ranged legs varies from player to player.


Many players will not train summoning as it is not considered necessary for PvP situations, especially in single-combat zones, but not limit it to a specific level. Prayer is usually the only skill which is limited to a specific level to create a range tank variation.

  • The most common variation of a range tank is a "Rigour Tank"; limiting prayer to 74 in order to access the Rigour prayer (once it is bought from Daemonheim)
  • Level 44 grants access to Eagle Eye. This type of range tank is most suited to F2P. However, range tanks are not common in F2P and so this type of range tank is seldom seen.
  • Level 92 prayer could be considered for access to Soul Split. However, it is not necessary to limit it, as when Summoning is disregarded, a range tank will have the same combat level at 99 prayer as at 92 (level 109).
  • A player may also limit defence to level 70, but this partially defeats the purpose of a range tank, as this leaves the player more vulnerable to being hit.

The Obsidian RangerEdit

A Obsidian Ranger is a type of Combat pure who focuses purely in the Strength and Range skill. They are found in P2P worlds either Player Killing or Staking at the Duel Arena.

Combat level
Defence-icon 1 Constitution-icon 87
Prayer-icon 1 or 31 Summoning-icon 1
Attack-icon 1 54.75 54
Strength-icon 99
Ranged-icon 67 65.75 65
Magic-icon 67 65.75 65

The Obsidian Ranger can vary from a Combat Level of 30-70. But most Obsidian Rangers quit at a combat level of 60 or higher due to frustration or failed attempts at PVP.

A Obsidian Ranger relies on two basic skills; Range and Strength. They have a very high Strength level which varies from 60 to 99, while the Range level will establish at level 40 to 99. The Obsidian Ranger is incredibly fearsome while involved in PVP combat as their finishing hit can knock out their enemy with one hit, hitting an incredible 200 to 450 while wearing a Berserker Necklace and an Obsidian Maul, thus the name Obsidian Ranger. The Obsidian Ranger can additionally apply 31 Prayer on top of their Strength for the Ultimate Strength prayer, which increases their hits by 15% and can deal a massive hit.

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