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This article is about the object used primarily in Cooking. For other uses, see Range (disambiguation).
"Stove" redirects here. For devices that can be built in stove hotspots in houses, see Kitchen.
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A cooking range is an object used primarily to cook food via the Cooking skill. To cook raw food, simply use it on the range. Any food can be cooked on a range, except for special cases that need to be cooked on a fire using an iron spit. Players can also burn seaweed on a range to turn it into soda ash.

All ranges have lower burn rate than fires, and the Cook-o-matic 25 range in Lumbridge Castle has an even lower burn rate for low-levelled foods. Foods which benefit from the decreased burn rate are listed in the cook-o-matic manual. However, this does not eliminate the player's risk of burning food, until the player has reached the necessary Cooking level not to burn.

There are many other cooking areas that may be used as range, but do not have the name of "range". For example, the sulphur vents in the TzHaar City can be used as a range. Fireplaces can also be utilised to cook food (although there are some foods, such as raw potatoes, that you require a true range to cook and will burn on these cooking areas). Members may also build a variety of ranges, ovens and stoves in the Kitchen of their house.

Ranges had a long unfixed problem, being that the player would cook the food at the coal gate rather than on the cooking pan. This is not a glitch but a logical issue. It was claimed to be fixed on 17 September 2009, but still has not been fixed at certain locations, namely Al Kharid. It is interesting to note that only the range at Lumbridge was free of that problem, but it should not indicate it is superior because characters cook at this range in the "correct" way.


Ranges are located in many other places than the areas mentioned below. They are marked on a player's minimap by the Range map icon icon. Notable ranges are listed here. Players may also subsequently use burning logs to cook their food on.



A player cooking food on the Lunar Isle range. Note that it does not appear on the minimap.


Location Requirements Close to bank? Sink?
House north of bank in Catherby None Yes Yes
Note: this is useful when fishing at the nearby fishing spots
Caleb's house, North-east of Catherby bank None Yes Yes
House West of Lunar Isle bank Lunar Diplomacy Yes Yes
Berty on Lunar Isle Lunar Diplomacy No
House South of the anvils in Seers' Village None Yes No
Kitchen of Sinclair Mansion Started Murder Mystery No Yes
Note: right next to the range there is a barrel of unlimited flour, and outside there are rows of cabbage, wheat, potatoes
First level of the Cook's Guild Hard Varrock Tasks, Yes Yes
Note: This is the closest conventional range to a bank
Directly south of the bank in Zanaris Lost City Yes No
The Kitchen of a player's house Limited until Can be Can be

clay oven

None Yes No
Clay oven in Neitiznot Started Fremennik Isles Yes Yes
East of the Dead Man's Chest in Brimhaven None No Yes
Directly west of the bank in Port Phasmatys Completion of Ghosts Ahoy gives free entry to city Yes No

Sulphur vents/Sulphur pitEdit

Sulphur vents were small, round holes in volcanic rock from which hot sulphur and gases rose. They were found only in the TzHaar City. They were used to cook food on. One was located relatively close to the bank, making cooking fast. Oddly, when the player was cooking on one, he/she copied the movement that he/she used for cooking on a fire although the vent had a lower burning rate than a normal fire.

NOTE: Using potatoes on sulphur vents always resulted in burning the potato.

With the remodeling of the TzHaar City, all Sulphur vents have been removed, a Sulphur pit which functions as a range can now be found in the city (marked by a range icon in the map).

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