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For the music track, see Rammernaut (music track).
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Rammernauts are members of the Rammernaut Guard, and possible boss monsters fought at the end of a dungeon while training the Dungeoneering skill. It requires a Dungeoneering level of 35 to encounter.


Level Life points
7 2500
16 6000
26 9500

General infoEdit

Rammernauts are well-built melee combatants. They appear on the floors 18-29. They can be treated as fully-armoured warriors, but several of their special abilities should be taken into consideration. They are immune to all ensnaring spells and stuns (although the snaring ability of the Blaster ring will work on him). They use four kinds of special attacks. Their well-known Charge attack begins after a yell of "CHAAAAARGE!" The rammernaut then runs towards a player to bump him/her away. Unless he is stopped by a wall and falls onto floor with a painful "Ooof!", he will not stop and any player hit by him is pushed several spaces back, along with their prayers disabled and heavy damage dealt. Their second attack is an unblockable ground-crushing attack, and affected players will have their Defence reduced regardless of the damage dealt. This attack usually follows the Charge attack. The third attack is an area attack with a range of 2 squares that will also reduce defence if hit. The damage from this particular attack is blockable. The lesser-known attack does disable protection prayers but the rammernaut attacks the player in the same way he does with his normal attack.


Rammernaut fight

Fighting a rammernaut.

One way to defeat a rammernaut without taking any damage is to use magic/ranged and run around the room when he comes close to you. A good strategy when fighting in teams is for the player that the rammernaut is currently attacking to run around the room, while the others attack the boss. When he switches targets, the new targeted players starts running around the room and the other players attack the boss. These are similar in fashion to the Saradomin boss strategy, or one of the Corporeal Beast strategies.

Possibly the best way to defeat this boss is to set the Group gatestone outside the room and use Protect from Melee prayer/Deflect Melee and teleport to the Group gatestone right after he yells CHAAAAAARGE!. He will do this every 5–10 seconds while you are inside the room. Enter the room when he says Oooof! This method prevents all damage if used correctly, and the only thing you need for the fight is a weapon of your choice (suggested a weapon with Stabbing/Crushing attack styles) and enough prayer points (around 20-40 may do, depending on your possible boosts and levels).

Another very good way to defeat rammernauts is to have some players blocking him in near a wall. This way he is unable to fight back and he will not do any damage. If you manage to do this, every time he does the charge attack he will fall down on his back while saying "Oooof!".

Rammernaut pinned

Rammernaut falls down after running into a wall.

The reason he will always fall is because he always has to make a turn before charging straight at you, and this turn runs him right into the wall. This is useful because he cannot disable your prayer, making it possible to just melee him, provided you have enough food and high enough level. Sometimes he will not move from the corner for the whole fight and so will not attack any person in the team that moves away from the charge.

It is possible to avoid the charge attack, but only if you can anticipate it in advance and move away, out of range. This is best done if you are out of range to begin with. You can also set the Group gatestone outside the boss room and teleport to it right after he shouts CHAAAAAARGE!. You can also avoid it by standing close to a wall, and moving away right on time. This will cause the rammernaut to hit the wall and fall down for about 1 second. Also, if you can manage to corner him, it is quite likely that when he starts his charge attack, he will back up into the wall, causing him to fall down without ever coming near you. However, if you are hit with this attack you'll temporarily lose the ability to use prayer (in a similar manner to the special attack of the dragon scimitar). Often fast healing is more important than anything else, for example after a high-hitting charge attack. Furthermore, once you have been hit with this attack, you will be stunned for a few seconds and unable to move. During this time, the rammernaut will follow-up with a second spinning attack in which he reduces your defence. If you are hit and stunned, break free using Freedom, as you won't be able to do anything at all (not even heal) otherwise. Staying at higher health will help you solo this without dying.

Using a familiar is extremely useful, as it will continue to attack while you are running around or stunned. While maging or ranging, a combat familiar can temporarily stop Rammernaut from progressing towards the player, offering more time to safely hit him. A stormbringer familiar (83 or 93) is capable of ensnaring Rammernaut to prevent the charge attack if you are standing away when he charges, as he is impervious to normal entangling spells.

Also, if a player continues to use ranged, the rammernaut slowly takes more and more damage from ranged attacks, this can be exploited by having a melee player with very heavy armour (at least Argonite) and rangers using powerful bows and armour (at least a thigat bow, argonite arrows and galileather armour). Instead of rangers, mages are useful, but the charge attack can be potencially lethal to them. If he is level 200+; rangers are recommended as the battle will be longer. It Is also recommended to stay near a wall to not be pushed.

Rammernaut spec

Rammernaut's special attack pushes you back and deals damage if you are not wearing sufficient armour.


  • "CHAAAAAARGE!" (Before Special Attack)
  • "Oooof!" (Hitting a wall during Special Attack)


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Novite maulNovite maul1RandomNot sold
Bathus maulBathus maul1RandomNot sold
Marmaros maulMarmaros maul1RandomNot sold
Kratonite maulKratonite maul1RandomNot sold
Fractite maulFractite maul1RandomNot sold
Zephyrium maulZephyrium maul1RandomNot sold
Argonite maulArgonite maul1RandomNot sold
Katagon maulKatagon maul1RandomNot sold
Gorgonite maulGorgonite maul1RandomNot sold
Promethium maulPromethium maul1RandomNot sold
Primal maulPrimal maul1RandomNot sold
Mysterious chronicleMysterious chronicle1CommonNot sold
Equipment requisition receiptsEquipment requisition receipts1CommonNot sold


  • The name "Rammernaut" is probably a portmanteau of the words 'Rammer' and Juggernaut.
  • The Captain of the Rammernaut guard is named "Hoskins," as stated on the Equipment requisition receipts and Resource requisition orders.
  • The Dreadnaut is in fact Rammernaut Hoskins, but warped by the tainted magic of The Rift.
  • In the Dungeoneering Saga Thok it to 'Em, when Thok sees Rammernaut, he says how strong Rammernaut is but is not strong enough to beat Thok. When Thok defeats Rammernaut, he takes the Rammernaut's sprained ankle (or leg).
    • In this saga, Rammernaut is called 'Bulky warrior'.

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