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Rainbow amulet token is a Treasure Hunter reward that may not be currently obtainable via Treasure Hunter.
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Rainbow amulet token detail

The rainbow amulet token is a discontinued prize that was obtainable from Treasure Hunter during the Rainbow's End promotion. It can be redeemed to unlock the Rainbow Amulet override. Redeeming the token destroys it.

Release historyEdit

Rainbow's End
Start Date End Date Update/Promo
22 November 2017 27 November 2017 Rainbow's End (November 2017)
12 September 2017 2nd Chance Tuesday
9 August 2017 14 August 2017 Rainbow's End
16 May 2017 2nd Chance Tuesday
12 April 2017 17 April 2017 Treasure Hunter - Rainbow's End (2017)
31 January 2017 2nd Chance Tuesday
24 November 2016 28 November 2016 Treasure Hunter - Rainbow's End

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