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Ragged elemental key detail

Ragged elemental key is used in the Elemental Workshop III quest. It is used to open the body door in the Elemental Workshop.

The key is made by using an elemental bar on the elemental workshop furnace while carrying a key mould.

Just like the other keys used in the Elemental Workshop quest series, the body door stays unlocked once the key is used and becomes useless after completing the quest. Because of this, the key may be safely discarded after use. The key cannot be added to the key ring.

Players cannot make more than one key at a time. If they try to make a second key while carrying one, they will get a message stating "You already have an elemental key in your inventory." Likewise, if the player already has an elemental key in their bank, the message will read "You already have an elemental key in your bank."

This key resembles the Frozen Key found in The God Wars Dungeon.


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