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Raetul and Co's Cloth Store

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Raetul and Co's Cloth Store
Raetul and Co's Cloth Store
Release date 26 April 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Minimap icon Crafting shop map icon
Location Sophanem
Owner Raetul
Specialty Linen
Raetul location

Raetul and Co's Cloth Store is a crafting shop that sells clothing. It is run by Raetul. It is located in the north-east of Sophanem. To access Sophanem, the quest Icthlarin's Little Helper must be completed.

Raetul will not buy back linen even though there is a space for it in the player shop.

Stock Edit

Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Linen Linen 10 30 coins 10 Not sold Not sold
Desert shirt Desert shirt 10 40 coins 13 101 610
Desert robe Desert robe 10 40 coins 13 89 490
Desert boots Desert boots 10 20 coins 6 146 1,260
Silk Silk 10 55 coins 18 57 20
Thread Thread 1,000 4 coins 1 9 5,000
Needle Needle 10 1 coins 1 13 120

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