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This article is about the Summoning pet. For the non interactive creature, see Raccoon (NPC).

Raccoons are pets that players may have with level 80 Summoning. Baby raccoons can be found in a number of places, most of which are found in Asgarnia. A player can only have one baby raccoon at a time. Raccoons eat raw meat and fish.

Obtaining raccoonsEdit

Catching a baby raccoon earns 100 Hunter experience. They can be caught using a box trap without any bait, and require level 27 Hunter. In order to talk to a raccoon a player needs 90 or higher Summoning. Note that only baby raccoons can be caught. Regular raccoons, which tend to be larger (but can also be the size of baby raccoons), cannot be caught, and show up on the minimap, whereas baby raccoons do not show up on the minimap. Raccoons can be found in the following locations:

Colour Baby Adult
Chathead NPC Chathead NPC
Grey Baby raccoon (grey) chathead Baby raccoon (grey) Adult raccoon (grey) chathead Adult raccoon (grey)
Brown Baby raccoon (brown) chathead Baby racoon (brown) Adult raccoon (brown) chathead Adult raccoon (brown)
Red Baby raccoon (red) chathead Baby raccoon (red) Adult raccoon (red) chathead Adult raccoon (red)



  • The red coloured raccoons have a similar appearance to the red panda.
  • The raccoon speaks with a stereotypical southern United States dialect.
  • The adult raccoon's examine text and its dialogue about evergreen forests is a reference to The Raccoons.
  • While wearing a Highwayman mask or cavalier and mask, your pet raccoon will have a different dialogue.
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