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"QC" redirects here. For the Cape of Accomplishment, see Quest point cape.
Quick chat button
File:Quick chat.gif
Quick Chat is a method of talking using pre-set messages. It was released on 21 May 2008. Jagex has stated on 9 February 2009 that Quick Chat was introduced to comply with legal responsibilities, and was not because they

The Quick Message option

wanted players to stop using free chat[1]. If a player uses a birthdate that is under the age of 13, that player is only allowed to use quick chat. Notes are restricted for people that are Quick chatters.

Quick Chat works by selecting from a database of messages. It also works using items, similar to the Grand Exchange item database - the user simply types an item name and it finds it from its list of items. This is the same with locations, food and monsters, as it has a database for each respectively.

File:Quick chat talk.png

Players can access Quick Chat in several ways:

  • Clicking the Speech icon (Quick chat button) in the Chat Box
  • Clicking your Name in the Chat Box.
  • Pressing the Enter Key with no text previously typed.
  • Pressing the Enter Key with the '/' typed to bring up Friend Quick Chat.
  • Right-clicking on your name and selecting either Public or Clan Quick Chat.
  • Right-clicking on a name in your Friends list and selecting Quick Message for private Quick Chat.

Quick Chat is fast because it can be activated using keyboard shortcuts.

The current Quick Chat official world is World 96, as this is the only world where you can't chat freely. Many players use this world to get lots of raw items without competition.

Context-sensitive chat

This only works in certain places. Basically depending on where you are, there are pre-set messages just for you. Hit F10 to view these. The places in which context-sensitive chat works are:

File:Nonexistent item quick chat.png

Using the context-sensitive chat feature outside these areas will instead bring up the menu for the skill you last trained. Melee combat however used to always to bring up Attack, although this has now been fixed.

For example, if you last cut down a tree, pressing F10 will bring up the Woodcutting Quick Chat menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to the Quick Chat update, the update also changed some of the previous keyboard shortcuts and introduced a new shortcut allowing the user to repeat the last Quick Chat message, along with other shortcuts.

  • Enter - opens up Quick Chat if you aren't currently typing anything.
  • Enter (again) - opens the generic "search", where typing any word will search all possible combinations of the use of that word.
  • Page Up - scroll up the menu
  • Page Down - scroll down the menu, or select the first item in search results
  • Backspace - Move back to the previous menu level
  • Home - return to the top level of the menu
  • F9 - opens the quick responses feature. From here, if someone said "How can I train up my Ranged level?", you could quickly reply with a monster name - e.g. "Try ranging: Chickens".
  • F10 - opens up the context-sensitive Quick Chat menu.
  • F11 - repeats the last phrase you said using Quick Chat.
  • Esc - close the Quick Chat

Full list of keyboard shortcuts

Problems with Quick Chat

Given that Quick Chat is available to both muted and non-muted players, as opposed to normal chat (only accessible to non-muted players), some have expressed concern that it will become a tool for spamming. It remains to be seen whether this is the case. There have been reports in some areas and high profile clan chats of spamming through quick chat occurring. This is reportable under disruptive behaviour.

The other concern is as to whether it will be a useful feature for most players. The main problem with the system is the sheer number of combinations, which makes it more difficult for players to learn specifics.

Unknown Items

Over its history, Quick Chat has referred to a number of unknown items. These items were found by searching the "I like your item...","I got item:..." and "I got an item:..." option. The items are all actual items in the game engine, but have not been released for one reason or another. Some of the Skill guide icons are actual items which appeared on the list[source needed]. A majority have been removed, however some are still present.


  • Paddle - Was originally an item needed for using canoes, but it was scrapped later.[source needed] Some NPCs are holding one.
  • Paintbrush
  • Hoop - The hoops you throw at the Hoop & Stick game at your POH.[source needed]
  • Dwarf
  • Roddeck's pipe
  • Jmod boss
  • Throwing Rope
  • Exploding vial
  • Raf xp boost dummy
  • Blood tithe pouch
  • Veldaban
  • Commander veldaban
  • Apricot cream pie
  • Truffle
  • No eggs
  • Perfect
  • Golrana
  • Arianwyn
  • Opn notebook inv
  • Mcm expo xp boost dummy
  • Squeal spin
  • Squeal sponsored spin
  • Bolrie
  • Hartwin

Now Exists


  • More...
  • Back...
  • Pretty Girl
  • Sine Wave
  • Cape Fire
  • Sphinx Baby
  • Firestarter
  • Brass Monkey
  • 9mm Revolver
  • Double Helix
  • Mobile Phone
  • null
  • Thingy
  • Spade of Coke

The items listed above (except Null) were jokes by Jagex staff members and were just Pink Skirts with changed names.[source needed]


  • German Dungeoneering items.


  • Quick Chat icon can change color over a period of time.
  • The Quick Chat system can be used to determine if a player is being honest when telling their levels, because a statement made using Quick Chat cannot be a lie and will have the Quick Chat bubble next to it. This is commonly used in the wilderness. When people ask to fight someone, they sometimes say "qc str" or any other combat related stat to make sure the other player is not saying their stat is several levels below what it really is.
  • The German dungeoneering items seen in quickchat are the different keys in dungeoneering, just in German language.
  • On the first day of its release, players were disconnected from RuneScape whenever they talked via Quick Chat.
  • On the first day of its release, players were able to talk with all capital letters even though they are normally unable to.
  • On the first day of its release, players could hold down the F11 key to spam a quickchat message indefinitely. This has since been fixed.
  • Quick Chat allows the user to type without the first letter being capitalised, whereas in normal text it is impossible to have the first letter not capitalised. For example, if someone were to say "w00t", then it would appear as "W00t", whereas the Quick Chat feature lets the user use the former.
  • When you search Clue scroll, it produces "Too many results. Please refine your search.", because the game engine treats each clue scroll as a different item.
  • Player Moderator quick chat disappears when public chat is turned to "hide," "friends," or "off," without adding them to your ignore list.
  • When talking to a person on FunOrb, the options seems limited. However, the enter shortcut still works, allowing you to send any phrase to a person playing FunOrb.
  • It's possible to say "Another one bites the dust", which is a song by Queen.
  • When you pick "I need ... experience to get to my next level" and choose a level 99 skill it will say: "I need 0 experience to get to my next level".
  • When you pick "I am going to craft rune...", there is the option to pick soul runes, even though the soul altar does not exist. This might refer to the Ouriana altar though.
  • When you pick "I am smithing ... ...." or "Try smithing ... ...." or "Would you please smith me ... ....", there is the option to pick adamant, blurite, bronze, gold, mithril, rune, and silver cannonballs, even though cannonballs are made of steel. However, you may find unobtainable cannonballs made of materials other than steel next to Dondakan's cannon during and after the quest "Between a rock..."
  • Due to a hidden update, the phrase "I need ... experience to get to my next level" for all skills has been changed to "The total amount of experience between levels ... and ... is ..."
  • As of 9 November 2009, the Teleblock spell name has been added to Quick Chat.
  • The items "More..." and "Back..." are so called 'item choices' in the costume room boxes and appear as items in Quick Chat but are not items in-game. They appear in Construction on the holiday item storage and are registered as items. They can even be examined.
  • All accounts that have confirmed to be under 13 years are restricted to quick chat ONLY and can´t read what has been said by the free chat. You can fill your date of birth (if over 13) to regain the ability to talk.
  • You currently cannot use Quick Chat in the lobby.
  • If you were to cut down a tree, open the Quick Chat menu, mine some rocks and then click, what is still Woodcutting, mining options will appear even though woodcutting is still shown.
  • It is still possible to say "Buying one of item in GE at lowest/highest price" using Quick Chat, even though the trade limit was removed on 1 February 2011.
  • It is possible to go under smithing and claim you are smithing nonexistent items such as gold wire or rune cannonballs.
  • There was a typo in Quick Chat: "Familiarston" at QC->E,F,D,F (should be Familiarisation). This is now fixed.
  • The Paddle's inventory icon now appears in the woodcutting skill guide.


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