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Ankh detail

An Ankh, one of the hidden quest rewards.

There are a number of quests that provide hidden rewards when completed. These are generally not mentioned on the update page and are found by players. Here is a compact list of all the hidden rewards.


Birthright of the DwarvesEdit

Players with level 83 - 95 Mining-icon can mine the ancient ruins north of Keldagrim library to obtain the Azdaran document and up to 250,000 Mining-icon experience in chunks of 20,000 to 33,000.


Diamond in the RoughEdit

The Scabaras tomb

The Scabaras tomb.

Players with level 80 Mining-icon (boosts may be used) can mine a fissure in the room below the quicksand for 20,000 Mining experience (plus bonus if the mining suit is worn) and access a secret treasure room, which contains a Scabaras mask and a Was (sceptre). To reach the fissure room, go down the well (north-west of the Kalphite Lair, fairy ring BIQ) and go in the tunnel in the east wall of the Kalphite nursery. Then go through the tunnel all the way to the other side and enter. You will find yourself in the room below the quicksand. Please note that the golden mining suit, mining pendants, prized mining pendants, and Gofannon amulets, all work to add bonus experience when mining the fissure. A clan ring charged at the mining plot, however, will not award any bonus experience.


Do No EvilEdit

Players with level 80 Agility-icon (boosts may be used) can enter (climb exit) a cavern on the cliff that makes up the south wall of the Monkey colony for 20,000 Agility experience and access to a secret treasure room, which contains an Apmeken mask and an ankh.


  • 20,000 Agility-icon experience (Note, bonus experience will boost the xp given)
  • Ankh
  • Apmeken mask

Gunnar's GroundEdit

If you talk to Dororan after this quest, he will ask your help in carving words on a ruby bracelet (engrave 'With beauty blessed.' on it), dragonstone necklace (engrave 'Gudrun' on it) and onyx amulet (engrave 'The most beautiful girl in the room.' on it, requires 90 Crafting). If you agree to help, you get additional experience in Crafting for a total of 32,000. Free players can engrave the jewellery even though they can only be obtained by members. Temporary boosts work.


  • 32,000 Crafting-icon experience

Missing, Presumed DeathEdit

Return to the Empyrean Citadel and talk to the statue to receive the rewards.


  • 50,000 Constitution-icon experience (if minimum level of 75 Constitution is fulfilled)
  • 50,000 Thieving-icon experience (if minimum level of 75 Thieving is fulfilled)
  • 30,000 Experience lamp usable on any skill above level 75
  • 30 Barrows amulets
  • 2 new death animations

Myths of the White LandsEdit

While doing the quest (and after completing it), you are able to receive experience in the Woodcutting, Agility and Crafting skills.


  • 2,000 Crafting-icon Experience (if minimum level of 30 Crafting is fulfilled)
  • 10,000 Agility-icon Experience (if minimum level of 55 Agility is fulfilled)
  • 20,000 Woodcutting-icon Experience (if minimum level of 80 Woodcutting is fulfilled)

One Piercing NoteEdit

After you complete the quest, you gain the ability to obtain a Holy Cithara. To receive a detailed explanation of how to do this, click on the link.


Ritual of the MahjarratEdit

After the quest you can return to the ritual site and speak to Arrav near the location of the Northern beacon; he will die and you will gain 3,000 Prayer experience.


  • 3,000 Prayer-icon experience

Rune MemoriesEdit

After you have completed the quest, you gain access to the "Archmage" title. This requires 99 Magic-icon and 99 Runecrafting-icon. Also, if you speak to the lesser demon (requiring at least 50 Magic and 50 Prayer) you can gain experience depending on if you choose to give him a drop of your blood.


  • Archmage title
  • 10,000 Magic-icon experience (offer a drop of blood) OR 10,000 Prayer-icon experience (refuse).

Song from the DepthsEdit

Enter the quest cave (where souls wandered, entrance in a wall south of Rimmington mine). Swim through the acid pool (requires 50 Constitution) and go through the only door, on your east. In the next cave, go west, then south, then east, then north. Read the northern Ancient writings for 5,000 experience, then swim through the acid pool (requires 80 Constitution and will cause 50+ damage, but cannot kill you) and read the second wall for the remaining 25,000 experience.


  • 30,000 Constitution-icon experience

Swept AwayEdit

Other witches around RuneScape will give additional rewards to members who have the Broomstick in their inventory after the quest completed. 4 different witches give out Magic experience, requiring Magic levels ranging from 33 to 93. See the Swept Away reward section for the list of witches.


Shades of Mort'tonEdit

After the quest, players can take the Diary of Herbi Flax to the Apothecary in Varrock who will exchange the book for 335 Herblore experience worth of training. This can only be done once. Together with this comes the ability to play the Shades of Mort'ton (minigame), which consists of burning shades and claiming rewards from the shade keys they drop.


The World WakesEdit

After completion of world wakes, one may return to Guthix's tomb and light the torches around his grave, requiring 74 Firemaking-icon. They may also pay respects to the monument built there, requiring 90 Prayer-icon.

By also completing the quests Ritual of the Mahjarrat, The Firemaker's Curse, Branches of Darkmeyer, The Void Stares Back and The Chosen Commander you will be able to claim the Sixth-Age circuit, a new title and access to Automatons requiring 67 Slayer-icon to kill.


  • 100,000 Prayer-icon Experience
  • 50,000 Firemaking-icon Experience (10,000 per torch)
  • Sixth-Age circuit
  • "[Name], the World Guardiantitle
  • Access to automaton area and automatons as a slayer assignment
  • New pet - Cresbot is a rare drop from Automatons

One of a KindEdit


  • Rotate all 4 Mysterious Statues for 10,000 bonus experience in a skill of choice.
  • Players who have completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat can also gain a bonus 25,000 experience in a skill of their choice by talking to the Submerged Statue on Entrana.

Fate of the GodsEdit

A survivor's lamp which grants 75,000 experience in a chosen combat skill (80+, excluding prayer/summoning) up to three times, if you talk to Azzanadra in Senntisten (requires completion of The Temple at Senntisten)

A large prismatic lamp from Wahisietel (Ali the Wise) in Nardah (requires completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat)

If you visit the Empyrean Citadel throne room and attempt to leave, Sliske will appear and answer one question, before giving you a gift: the ability to see into the Shadow Realm without a ring of visibility (requires completion of The General's Shadow and Ritual of the Mahjarrat).

Four elder chronicles, each granting 50,000 Divination-icon experience when The Measure is placed:

  • Near the submerged statue on Entrana.
  • Outside the TzHaar entrance.
  • Near the Oracle atop Ice Mountain.
  • By the archaeologist camp in the Ruins of Ullek.

If a charged engrammeter is used on Freneskae, 25,000 Divination-icon experience is granted, and you take less damage from environmental effects. (requires completion of Mahjarrat Memories)

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