Quest armour refers to the many types of armours that are quest-related. These armours may vary from being quite weak to quite powerful (e.g. Khazard armour is quite weak, whereas Lunar armour is a quite formidable armour.) These armours may be a reward after the completion of a particular quest, or made and used during a quest. Some of these armours are not useful after the quest in which they are obtained.

List of Quest armoursEdit

The table below displays the different types of quest armour, the level required, and the quest(s) related to that particular armour.

Level Armour Quest
1 Carnillean armour Hazeel Cult
1 Khazard armour Fight Arena
1 Anti-dragon shield Dragon Slayer
20 Initiate armour Recruitment Drive
30 Proselyte armour Slug Menace
30 Gold helmet Between a Rock...
N/A Elemental armour Elemental Workshop
N/A Bone Equipment The Lost Tribe
N/A Family gauntlets Family Crest
N/A Coloured Goblin mail Land of the Goblins
45 Spirit shield Summer's End
45 Fremennik armour The Fremennik Isles
60 Lunar armour Lunar Diplomacy

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