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A Quest hall in a player-owned house is a room where the player can display quest achievements and awards. This room can be created with level 35 construction and 25,000 coins. There are 4 doors.


There are 7 different hotspots available:

  • Stair/rug
  • Guild trophy
  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Sword
  • Map
  • Bookcase


The main building hotspot in the Quest hall is the Stair/Rug spot. Either stairs or a rug may be built, but not both. Building rugs will have no complications involved.

When a staircase is added to a Quest hall, they will connect to the room above or below by default if and only if the room is facing the proper direction. If it is not, then one of the rooms will have to be demolished and rebuilt in order to secure a connection. This restriction is in effect for both normal staircases and, even though they do not have a "direction", spiral staircases.

If there is no room above or below the staircase, players attempting to ascend or descend it will be told that the staircase goes nowhere and asked if they wish to build a room there. The available rooms depends on what level the staircase is built from.

Available Rooms
Level Up Down
First floor N/A Quest Hall
Skill Hall
Ground Quest Hall
Skill Hall
Quest Hall
Skill Hall
Dungeon Stairs
Dungeon Quest Hall
Skill Hall
Dungeon entrance
Stairs/Rugs Image Level Materials Experience Cost
Rug Rug 13 4 bolts of cloth 60 5,528
Oak staircase Oak staircase 2710 Oak planks, 4 steel bars 680 8,296
Teak staircase Teak staircase 48 10 Teak planks, 4 steel bars 980 13,146
Opulent rug Opulent rug 65 4 bolts of cloth, 1 gold leaf 360 140,697
Spiral staircase Spiral staircase 67 10 Teak planks, 7 limestone bricks 1040 12,158
Marble staircase Marble staircase 82 5 Mahogany planks, 5 marble blocks 3200 1,586,050
Marble spiral Marble spiral 97 10 Teak planks, 7 marble blocks 4400 2,214,855

Guild trophyEdit

An Amulet of Glory(t) cannot be put as a trophy. The normal Amulet of Glory can be used an unlimited number of times without the need to recharge; just go near to it and click on it. If a teleporting player is poisoned, the glory also cures the poison and heals the player by the amount of damage the poison would have dealt next. Guild trophy items are recovered if removed.

Guild trophy Image Level Materials Experience Cost
Anti-dragon shield Mounted anti dragon shield 47 3 Teak planks, 1 anti-dragon shield 280 3,821
Amulet of Glory Mounted amulet of glory 47 3 Teak planks, 1 uncharged amulet of glory 290 13,202
Cape of Legends Mounted cape of legends 47 3 Teak planks, 1 Cape of legends 300 3,585

Many players like to place a Quest Hall with a mounted Amulet of glory beside a Chapel, providing fast teleports to Edgeville bank for rapid Prayer training.


Portraits can be bought in Falador like the maps (see below). They require the completion of certain quests to be purchased. Refer to a portrait's page to see which quests are required. If removed later the portrait will be lost.

Portrait Image Level Materials Experience Cost
King Arthur King Arthur (portrait) 35 2 Teak planks, 1 King Arthur portrait 211 3,090
Elena Elena portrait 35 2 Teak planks, 1 Elena portrait 211 3,090
Giant Dwarf Giant Dwarf (portrait) 35 2 Teak planks, 1 Keldagrim portrait 211 3,090
Miscellanians Miscellanians 55 2 Mahogany planks, 1 Miscellanians portrait 311 5,590


Landscapes can be bought from Sir Renitee in Falador. They require the completion of certain quests to be purchased. Refer to a landscape's page to see which quests are required.

Landscape Image Level Materials Experience Cost
Lumbridge Lumbridge Portrait 44 3 Teak planks, 1 Lumbridge painting 314 5,135
The desert The desert built 44 3 Teak planks, 1 Desert painting 314 5,135
Morytania Morytania built 44 3 Teak planks, 1 Morytania painting 314 5,135
Karamja Karamja painting built 65 3 Mahogany planks, 1 Karamja painting 464 8,885
Isafdar Isafdar painting built 65 3 Mahogany planks, 1 Isafdar painting 464 8,885


The swords below are quest rewards and are recovered if decoration is removed.

Sword Image Level Materials Experience Cost
Silverlight Mounted silverlight 42 2 Teak planks, Silverlight 187 2,590
Excalibur Mounted excalibur 42 2 Teak planks, Excalibur 194 2,590
Darklight Mounted darklight 42 2 Teak planks, Darklight 202 2,590


Maps are purchased from Sir Renitee who resides on the second floor of Falador Castle for 1000 coins and require 51, 101, or 151 quest points.

Map Image Level Materials Experience Cost
Small map Small map 38 2 Teak planks, 1 small map 211 3,090
Medium map Medium map 58 3 Mahogany planks, 1 medium map 451 7,885
Large map Large map 78 4 Mahogany planks, 1 large map 591 10,180


Bookcase Image Level Materials Experience Cost
Wooden bookcase Wooden bookcase icon 4 4 Planks, 4 nails 115 4,920
Oak bookcase Oak bookcase icon 29 3 Oak planks 180 1,680
Mahogany bookcase Mahogany bookcase icon 40 3 Mahogany planks 420 6,885


  • A few players once discovered a glitch to be able to take down a friend's glory amulet, but have it still be up. They repeatedly abused this glitch and got around 20,000 glory amulets in total; this brought down the price of the amulets by almost half over the course of a few days.[source needed]
  • A mounted Amulet of Glory used to have the standard spell teleport animation instead of the amulet of glory teleport animation. This has been fixed.
  • Previously, when removing staircases, all rooms connected to the staircase had to be removed.

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