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Quartermaster Gully
Mister Gully
Release date 11 July 2016 (Update)
Also known as Mister Gully
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC Impressing the Locals
Location(s) Port Sarim Private Dock, Port Sarim
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine There's something off about him.
Your faithful (and somewhat strange) quartermaster.
Mister Gully chathead

Quartermaster George "Gully" Gullivan, known as Mister Gully before the Impressing the Locals miniquest, is a pirate captain. He is located upstairs in the player-owned port during the Impressing the Locals quest. He ignores the player until they mention that Surula sent them. He then agrees to help crew a ship to the Eastern Lands, serving as the ship's quartermaster.

After the quest, he can be found standing next to the ship Sarim's Revenge, on the northern-most dock at Port Sarim.

He has a seagull named Steven on his shoulder that occasionally defecates down his back, to his annoyance. Gully is wearing excessively 'piratey' attire, including a very large hook and a septicorn hat.

Quartermaster Gully concept art

Concept art of Mister Gully