Quality Armour Shop

Quality Armour Shop interior

Quality Armour Shop exterior
Release date 31 May 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Minimap icon Shield shop map icon
Location Keldagrim
Owner Saro
Specialty Melee armour
Saro location

The Quality Armour Shop is a shop that sells chainbodies, helmets, and shields from steel through adamant. It is run by Saro. It is located south-west of the Consortium building.

It is the only shop to stock the black kiteshield, which can otherwise only be obtained as a drop from ice giants and Elite Black Knights, in addition to trades with other players.

Stock Edit

Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Steel chainbody Steel chainbody 10 750 coins 225 1,577 8,270
Mithril chainbody Mithril chainbody 10 1,950 coins 585 3,062 11,120
Black chainbody Black chainbody 10 1,440 coins 432 2,539 10,990
Adamant chainbody Adamant chainbody 10 4,800 coins 1,440 4,048 -7,520
Steel helm Steel helm 10 300 coins 90 923 6,230
Mithril helm Mithril helm 10 780 coins 234 1,649 8,690
Adamant helm Adamant helm 10 1,920 coins 576 2,695 7,750
Steel sq shield Steel sq shield 10 600 coins 180 1,525 9,250
Black kiteshield Black kiteshield 10 2,121 coins 636 5,572 34,510
Reinforcing plate Reinforcing plate 10 500,000 coins 150,000 486,183 -138,170

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