There are a few pyramids found in Gielinor. These pyramids are found in the Kharidian Desert. The list of pyramids includes:

Jaldraocht Pyramid (Desert Treasure)Edit

Jaleustrophos Pyramid (Agility Pyramid)Edit

This pyramid is used for training Agility. At the top, there is a pyramid top which can be sold for 1000 coins to Simon Templeton.

Jalsavrah Pyramid (Pyramid Plunder)Edit

This pyramid is used to play the Pyramid Plunder game.

Uzer Mastaba (Missing My Mummy)Edit

This tomb is visited during the Missing My Mummy quest.

Despite being typically referred to as a Pyramid, Uzer Mastaba is rather simply a Mastaba which is an alternative type of entombment used in Ancient Egypt (and like all Desert elements, transferred into RuneScape).

The appearance of a Mastaba is that of a flat-roofed rectangular-base structure, considerably shorter than a Pyramid.

Unknown Pyramid Edit

This pyramid has been released south of Sophanem. Currently, it has no use and cannot be accessed by the player.

Sunken PyramidEdit

This pyramid contains the player-owned slayer dungeon and also Faiza.

Crondis's pyramidEdit

This pyramid belongs to Crondis.