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Pyramid top detail
Pyramid top2

A player grabbing the top

The pyramid top is the artefact reward for the Agility Pyramid activity. To obtain the reward, players have to go through a series of obstacles to reach the top of the Agility Pyramid.

Once at the highest point on the pyramid, before continuing on your final lap, look at the west side of the doorway. There will be an option "Climb Climbing rocks." Your character will reach up, grab the "Pyramid top" and come back down. Then proceed around the top level and you will arrive at the centre of the south face of the pyramid.

Since the pyramid is situated in the Kharidian Desert, players will be affected by the desert heat, thus bringing Waterskins or an Enchanted water tiara is recommended.

Simon Templeton will exchange 1000 coins for each gold pyramid obtained during the activity.

This item is also required in the Dealing with Scabaras quest. In addition, 4 must be obtained during the Crocodile Tears quest.

The Pyramid top is also used for the "All Square" task in the medium desert task set.


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