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This article is about the pet. For the miniquest, see Purple cat (miniquest).

A purple cat is a special variant of a normal cat that can be accessed after completing the Purple Cat miniquest which is unlocked after completing Swept Away and Gertrude's Cat. Players start the miniquest by asking Wendy about her purple cat, Trogs. Wendy offers to turn the player's cat purple if they bring her magic unguent from Lottie who is found in the basement of Betty's Magic Emporium. Once the player returns with the magic unguent, Wendy will turn an unlimited amount of cats purple, however the process cannot be undone.

A cat at any stage of growth can be turned into a purple cat, and a purple cat will continue to age as normal. Players are able to turn hellcats into purple cats, however the result will not be a purple hellcat, but rather a normal purple cat. Players who have started the Freeing Evil Dave sub-quest of Recipe for Disaster can turn a purple cat into a hellcat, but when feeding the hellcat a bucket of milk, their cat will still be purple.

Players who have completed Ratcatchers can also get purple wily and lazy cats, either by taking their wily or lazy cat to Wendy, or by taking an overgrown purple cat to Felkrash and having her train it.

Growth stage Chathead NPC
Kitten Pet kitten (purple) chathead Pet kitten (purple) pet
Adult Pet cat (purple) chathead Pet cat (purple) pet
Overgrown Overgrown cat (purple) chathead Overgrown cat (purple) pet
Wily Wily cat (purple) chathead Wily cat (purple) pet
Lazy Lazy cat (purple) chathead Lazy cat (purple) pet


  • It was once possible to change a purple cat back into a normal cat by turning it into a hellcat and then giving it a bucket of milk.

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