Combat tab

Punch-bag in the new Combat Interface.

Punch-bag is a level 2 NPC that appeared on every Evolution of Combat BTS video for testing abilities and other new features involved in the Evolution of Combat, but does not actually feature on the beta servers.

This NPC was seen wearing slayer helmet, Bandos chesplate, Bandos tassets, Bandos boots, Defence cape, and a Chaotic rapier(However, the first few videos showed him in the outdated versions of full Bandos armour, Slayer helm, and a dragon defender, oddly enough it was in his right hand.) In the third BTS, its life points were estimated at around 10,000.

The Punch-bag seems to have low attack and strength, as he would fight back, but never actually deal damage in the videos.

Devastator fighting Punch-bag

Punch-bag in Combat

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