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Release date 11 November 2008 (Update)
Members? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? No
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
Value 21,333 coins
High Alch 0 coins
Low Alch 0 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price 20 Stealing Creation Points
(Rewards mystic)
Examine This can turn into a variety of tools.
Weight 2 kg
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Proto-tool detail
A Proto-tool is one of the rewards that can be purchased with points gained from playing the Stealing Creation minigame. When the tool is operated, the player has the option to transform it into one of the following tools: hatchet, butterfly net, hammer, harpoon, knife, needle, or a pickaxe. Since 8 October 2013, one may store 24,450 Bonus experience by transforming the tool, causing the player to earn double experience in that skill until all stored bonus experience is used up. All versions of the morphic tool can also be used for normal actions (such as using a knife for fletching, or a hatchet for woodcutting), but once the bonus experience is gained it is not necessary to carry the discharged tools around to benefit from it and the tool can safely be dropped.

Note that proto-tools only increase your overall exp per hour if you would ordinarily get less exp than they offer in the time it takes to earn one. For example, if in each twenty minute game you earn 20 points, you stand to earn 3 tools per hour. If you chose to use these as fletching knives for cutting yew shieldbows, then you would have, in effect, have earned 73,350 (3 x 24,450) bonus exp in that one hour, or even more with skilling only games (which takes around 12 minutes). It is possible in some skills, such as construction, to earn exp at a faster rate that these tools would benefit you, by more expensive means. In this case the tool acts as a benefit by saving materials. It would then be up to the player if the money saved by using these tools is a greater benefit than the time saved by skilling at faster, more expensive means.

This item is almost exactly like the volatile tool, except that the player gets to choose the transformation type. As a result, slightly less bonus experience is gained because of this choice. The colour is slightly different.

It is important to note than many secondary uses of the transformed tools normal forms (hammer, knife, etc.), are not available to the sacred clay variants.

After being changed into any of the tools it can be reverted back to a Proto-tool and then changed into any other tool (this process does not result in the loss of any charges, unlike its volatile counterpart).

Note: If more than one tool of the same type is in the player's inventory (such as two or more sacred clay knives), the tool that appears first in the inventory will be used and the others will keep their charge.

Note: The tools that the proto-tool can morph into do not seem to work if the item in your tool-belt is a higher level item than the clay tool. e.g. If using the Sacred Clay Hatchet and you have a Dragon Hatchet in your tool-belt it will use the Dragon Hatchet instead of the Sacred Clay Hatchet when cutting trees. It does not work to "use" the clay item on the tree either. If you wish to use the clay hatchet then you must equip the item.


  • This item is worth 21,333 coins on the items kept on death screen.
  • The Proto-tool reward items you get look similar to class 5 items within stealing creation.
  • These tools stack on top of the bonuses received from the Skilling Pendants from the Squeal of Fortune.
  • There is currently a glitch where a sacred clay hatchet or pickaxe will not be used unless it is equipped and unsheathed, if your toolbelt contains a dragon hatchet or dragon pickaxe, respectively.
  • Prior to an update, Proto tools were not stackable in players banks in any form.

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