Protect Item
Protect Item
Release date 24 May 2001 (Update)
Members No/Yes for Ancient Curses
Level 25 (Standard Prayer), 50 (Ancient Curses)
Book Standard Prayers and Ancient Curses
Drain rate 10 points per minute (1 point per 6 seconds)
Effect Keep 1 extra item if you die.
Protect Item

Protect Item is a prayer in both the standard prayer list and the Ancient Curses. When it is active, the user will keep one extra item if they die. This means that if the player is skulled, they will still keep one item, and if they are not skulled, they will keep four items. 


Protect Item can be used in the Wilderness, except for High-risk worlds. It is common to see players Player-killing with only one item, typically one providing its own ammo/runes or a two-handed sword to avoid any loss. They can use the Protect Item prayer to avoid the effect of skulling and keep their weapon. Members who depend upon one-iteming are advised to bring a Prayer potion as player killers often use spells and prayers to drain their victims' prayer points before they kill them.


  • Protect Item is unique in that it is the only prayer that appears on both the standard prayer list and the Ancient Curses list. The two versions are not completely identical, however, as they require different levels, and the Ancient Curses icon has two glowing rings around it and appears smaller.
  • Protect Item is one of several curses that do not have a verbal incantation in the ancient hymnal.

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