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Promethium plate armour set (lg) (female) equipped

A player wearing Promethium armour

Promethium equipment (tier 10) is the second strongest melee equipment found in Daemonheim, behind Primal. The armour requires 90 defence to wear and the weapons need 90 attack or strength, depending on the weapon. It is the strongest smithable melee equipment.

Promethium equipment can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Mining Promethium ore and Smithing it
  • Drop from Forgotten warrior
  • Drop from boss monsters

Promethium weaponsEdit

Promethium dagger Promethium dagger (level 90 smithing)
Promethium warhammer Promethium warhammer (level 93 smithing)
Promethium rapier Promethium rapier (level 93 smithing)
Promethium longsword Promethium longsword (level 94 smithing)
Promethium battleaxe Promethium battleaxe (level 95 smithing)
Promethium spear Promethium spear (level 97 smithing)
Promethium maul Promethium maul (level 98 smithing)
Promethium 2h sword Promethium two-handed sword (level 98 smithing)
Promethium arrows 5 Promethium arrows (level 90 smithing for arrowheads; level 99 fletching for arrows)

Promethium armourEdit

Promethium full helm Promethium full helm (level 95 smithing)
Promethium platebody Promethium platebody (level 99 smithing)
Promethium chainbody Promethium chainbody (level 96 smithing)
Promethium platelegs Promethium platelegs (level 97 smithing)
Promethium plateskirt Promethium plateskirt (level 97 smithing)
Promethium gauntlets Promethium gauntlets (level 91 smithing)
Promethium kiteshield Promethium kiteshield (level 96 smithing)
Promethium boots Promethium boots (level 91 smithing)


Promethium arrowheads 4 Promethium arrowtips (level 90 smithing)
Promethium hatchet Promethium hatchet (level 92 smithing)
Promethium pickaxe Promethium pickaxe (level 92 smithing)

See alsoEdit


  • Promethium, in real life, is a lanthanide-class element with an atomic number of 61 on the periodic table. This element's most stable isotope has a half-life of about 18 years. Promethium is rarely found in nature and cannot be made into alloys because of its rarity and properties, In addition to this, it emits beta radiation and would cause harm to those who are exposed.

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