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Professor Oddenstein
Prof Oddenstein
Release date 21 January 2001 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC Ernest the Chicken
Location Draynor Manor top floor
Sells items no
Gender Male
Examine A mad scientist if I ever saw one!
Professor Oddenstein location
Professor Oddenstein chathead

Professor Oddenstein is a peculiar scientist who can be found on the top floor of Draynor Manor. He is the central character in the Ernest the Chicken quest, as one of his devices, the Pouletmorph Machine, transforms Ernest into a chicken, and the Ernest the Chicken quest is concerned with the player's efforts to return Ernest to human form. Once the quest is complete, members will find that Oddenstein has opened an interdimensional rift to the Killerwatt Plane in his laboratory, and that he has hired a new servant called Ava on the ground floor. He also helps to install a security system for Nora T. Hagg, as mentioned in her Diary. He also delivered a Killerwatt with a label that reads 'Oddenstein Labs security systems' to protect Zemouregal's sewer.

If a player asks him if the manor is his house, he will respond by saying that it belongs to the Count in the basement.

Oddenstein is also the subject of the Ernest v. Professor Oddenstein court case, during which players must decide to prosecute Oddenstein for questionable human experimentation, or defend his actions in the name of scientific understanding.


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