The Primordial Realm is a dimension different than Gielinor, which can be visited during the Stealing Creation minigame. It is the only place that still has what composed everything in the universe, sacred clay. During RuneFest 2017, it was revealed that this realm is a specific part of the Abyss, which consists of the leftover "junk" that the Elders used to form reality.

Stealing Creation game arena

A group of players at the Primordial realm.

As there are no restrictions on combat in the Primordial Realm (other than the fact that you cannot attack members of your own team), many adventurers enjoy taking the battle more seriously by attacking their enemies as they gather resources, build items, and so on. This is also a good way of gathering clay, as any foes you defeat will drop all of their items (unless they have a Protect Item prayer active), which you can pick up and return to the tables in your base.

There are many Fog Banks found in this realm, in which one may completely conceal oneself.

Everything in the realm is made of sacred clay. This can be gathered by using skills, as the clay comes in the form of skilling spots, such as trees or rocks.

Geography Edit

The primordial realm is a flat, square, and basic place filled with fog banks and sacred clay resources. At opposite corners of the primordial realm are bases where players of opposing teams can deposit sacred clay and sacred clay items.

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