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Premier Club reward token detail
Premier Club reward token is an item that can be used to unlock cosmetic items that were previously available as part of Premier Club packages. Players can choose a cosmetic reward from a list provided when using the token.

A token is provided when purchasing the silver or gold 2017-18 Premier Club subscription, and another two are provided, one in January and one in July 2018 for gold Premier Club members.[1] It can also be obtained as a very rare reward from the Premier Club Vault.

To redeem the token, players must have an active silver or gold Premier Club subscription. Bronze subscriptions do not grant the ability to redeem the token.

Available rewardsEdit

Duskwing outfit equipped (male) Menaphite Ancient Outfit equipped (male) Crystal Peacock Armour equipped (male)
Duskwing outfit Menaphite Ancient Outfit Crystal Peacock Armour
Crystal Peacock Shortbow equipped Crystal peacock pet Postie Pete
Crystal Peacock Weapons Crystal peacock Postie Pete (pet)
Retro home teleport Retro Joy (Premier Club) 2008 Swords equipped
Retro home teleport Retro Joy and Retro Dance Retro Swords
Mahjarrat Transform Lava wings equipped Lava hawk
Mahjarrat Outfit and Mahjarrat Transform Lava hood and Lava wings Lava hawk
Samurai outfit equipped Kirin Grey skin equipped
Samurai outfit and Owari Kirin Grey skin
Onyx skin equipped Piggles Commander Porkins
Onyx skin Piggles Commander Porkins
Sinister clown face chathead (male) Capoeira outfit equipped (male) Aurora armour equipped (male)
Sinister clown face Capoeira outfit Aurora armour
Skypouncer outfit equipped (male) Christmas pudding head chathead Snowman head chathead
Skypouncer outfit Christmas pudding head Snowman head
Adult bloodpouncer Paladin Hero outfit equipped Barbed bow equipped
Bloodpouncer Paladin outfit Barbed bow
Flaming skull chathead (red) Scarecrow mask chathead Lightning staff 4 equipped
Flaming skull Scarecrow mask Lightning staff and Professor hairstyle
Golden katana equipped Ornate katana equipped Green skin equipped
Golden katana Ornate katana Green skin
Turkey hat chathead Ice mask (angry) chathead
Turkey hat Ice mask


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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Premier Club VaultN/A1Very rare


  1. ^ RuneScape - Twitch. Premier Club reward token. 21 November 2017.

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