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Prayer items are equipment which give Prayer bonuses when worn.

How Prayer items work Edit

Each Prayer bonus point slows the drain rate by 1%.

For example, having +50 in Prayer bonus points would reduces the drain rate to 50% and thus make Prayers last 100% longer (twice as long). Protect from Melee prayer would then lose 10 prayer points every 6 seconds, instead of every 3 seconds. The highest prayer bonus possible is 75, reducing the drain rate to 25% and thus making prayer last 300% longer (lasting 4x longer)


Bonus Items
+1 Verac's helmet, Armadyl Helmet, Bandos Helmet, Hood of Subjugation, Citharede hood
+2 Akrisae's hood, Necromancer hood, , Enchanted water tiara, Pernix Cowl, Virtus mask, Torva Full Helm, God vestment mitres, Third-age druidic wreath, Initiate sallet
+3 Helm of neitiznot, Seer's headband 3 and 4
+4 Proselyte sallet
+7 Dragon Rider helm



Guthix, Saradomin, and Zamorak halos
The reduction of prayer drain applies only to stat-boosting prayers.



Bonus Items
+2 Dagon'hai robe top, Akrisae's robe topElite void knight torsoVerac's brassard, Garb of subjugation, Armadyl chestplate, Bandos chestplate
+3 Zamorak robe (top), Pernix body, Virtus robe top, Torva Platebody
+4 Druid's robe (top), god vestment robe top (Ancient, Armadyl, Bandos, Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak), Initiate hauberk
+5 Citharede robe top, Necromancer robe top, Shade's robe (top)
+6 Monk's robe (top)

Proselyte hauberk


Dragon Rider body


Bonus Items
+1 Armadyl chainskirt, Bandos tassets, Gown of subjugation, Verac's plateskirt
+2 Dagon'hai robe bottom, Pernix chaps, Virtus robe bottom, Torva platelegs
+3 Necromancer robe bottom, Zamorak robe bottom, Initiate cuisse
+4 Citharede robe bottom, Elite void knight robe bottom, Shade's robe bottom, god vestment robe bottom (Ancient, Armadyl, Bandos, Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak), Shade robe (bottom)
+5 Akrisae's robe skirt, Monk's robe bottom, Proselyte cuisse, Proselyte tassets, Third-age druidic robe bottom
+7 Dragon Rider chaps


Bonus Items
+1 White boots, Boots of subjugation, Armadyl boots, Bandos boots
+2 Dragon rider boots, Torva boots, Pernix boots, Virtus boots
+3 Superior Dragon Rider boots


Bonus Items
+1 White gloves, Bandos gloves, Armadyl gloves, Gloves of subjugation
+2 Dragon rider gloves, Pernix Gloves, Virtus Gloves, Torva gauntlets, Razorback gauntlets
+3 Superior Dragon Rider gloves, Deathtouch bracelet


Bonus Items
+2 Ardougne cloak 1, Fire cape, TokHaar-KalCape of Accomplishment
+3 God vestment cloak (Ancient, Armadyl, Bandos, Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak), Ardougne cloak 2
+4 Ardougne cloak 3 and 4
+5 Soul Wars Cape, Max cape
+6 Completionist cape, Dragon Rider cape


Bonus Items
+1 Bronze mace, Iron mace
+2 Black cane, Keris, Saradomin sword, Steel mace, Zamorakian spear, Toktz-mej-tal, Verac's flail, Enhanced ancient staff, Zaryte bow, Virtus wand
+3 Adamant cane, Adamant mace, Ancient mace, Mithril mace, White mace, Void knight mace

Granite mace, Rune cane, Rune mace, Bandos godswordArmadyl godswordSaradomin godswordZamorak godsword

+5 Corrupt dragon mace, Dragon mace, Ivandis flail, Wolfbane
+6 Vestment croziers (Ancient, Armadyl, Bandos, Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak)
+7 Akrisae's war mace
+9 Drygore mace


Bonus Items
+1 Spirit shield
+2 Broodoo shield, God books (Ancient, Armadyl, Bandos, Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak)
+3 Falador shield 1, Spirit shields (Arcane, Blessed, Divine, Elysian, Spectral)
+4 Falador shield 2, Illuminated god books (Ancient, Armadyl, Bandos, Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak)
+5 Falador shield 3, Falador shield 4 and Faithful shield



Bonus Items
+1 Amulet of power
+2 Amulet of glory, Saradomin's Murmur/Whisper/Hiss
+3 Amulet of Fury, Salve amulet, Salve amulet (e) and Twisted bird skull necklace
+4 God vestment stole (Ancient, Armadyl, Bandos, Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak) and Split dragontooth necklaceCitharede symbol
+5 Demon horn necklace, Amulet of souls
+8 Holy symbol and Unholy symbol
+10 Dragon Rider amulet


Bonus Items
+1 Explorer's ring 1, 2, 3 and 4
+3 Ring of death


Bonus Items
+1 Tirannwn quiver 1
+2 Tirannwn quiver 2
+3 Tirannwn quiver 3
+4 Tirannwn quiver 4



  • The Reverence aura is helpful when praying. It has an activation time of one hour and a cooldown period of three hours. When activated, it does the following:
  • It gives an invisible +2 Prayer bonus.
  • It gives 10% extra prayer points when a player drinks a Prayer potion (10-30 extra points depending upon level) or Super prayer potion (10-40 extra points depending upon level).
  • Prayer drains around 4-9% slower than usual (depending on prayer level and prayer bonus).
  • The Penance (aura), this aura gains prayer points equal to 5% of any damage you receive.


Prayer-icon Best members' Prayer bonusEdit

The following armour gives the highest possible Prayer bonus for members.

Item Image Prayer bonus Requirements to wear/use
Halos [1] Guthix halo +16.5 (Invisible boost) 300 Castle wars ticket (gold)
Superior Dragon Rider boots Superior Dragon Rider boots +3 70 Defence-icon
Dragon Rider body Dragon Rider body +10 70 Defence-icon
Dragon Rider chaps Dragon Rider chaps +7 70 Defence-icon

Drygore mace

Drygore mace +9 90 Attack-icon
Falador shield 3 and 4, and Faithful shield Faithful shield +5 30 Defence-icon, 30 Defence-icon, 40 Defence-icon
Superior Dragon Rider gloves Superior Dragon Rider gloves +3 70 Defence-icon
Dragon Rider cape [2] Dragon Rider cape +6 70 Defence-icon
Dragon Rider amulet Dragon Rider amulet +10 Completed One Of A Kind
Ring of death Ring of death +3
Tirannwn quiver 4 Tirannwn quiver 4 +4 Completion of elite Tirannwn tasks
Healer's insignia Healer's insignia +10 Level 5 in the Healer role, 500 Honour Points, 5 Penance King kills [3]
Dominion marker 4 Dominion marker 4 +6 (Invisible boost) Complete all achievements in the Dominion Tower
Total +70 (+92.5 from halo and dominion marker) 300 Castle wars ticket (gold), 90 Attack-icon, 70 Defence-icon, Completed One Of A Kind, Completion of elite Tirannwn tasks[4], level 5 in the Healer role, 500 Honour Points, 5 Penance King kills, complete all achievements in the Dominion Tower
  1. ^ All of the Halos slow down prayer drain corresponding to approximately a +15 prayer bonus, but only for stat-boosting prayers. The second best item for this slot, which works for all prayers, is a Dragon Rider helm (+7 bonus).
  2. ^ The Completionist cape provides the same bonus, but is much harder to obtain. The Ardougne cloak 2 gives a +3 bonus, where as the Ardougne cloak 3 and 4 gives +4, and the Soul Wars cape gives a +5 bonus.
  3. ^ The kills do not need to be obtained in the same role as the purchased insignia.
  4. ^ Completion of the elite Tirannwn tasks has much higher requirements on its own.

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