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A potion reservoir is a device which can be used to automatically consume doses of a potion. When a potion is used on an active reservoir, it will fill up, and will automatically consume the potion when the potion's effects run out.

Click on a Potion reservoir (inactive) to activate. Only one potion reservoir may be active at a time. Potions which are not on a timer cannot be added (e.g., a super restore). To fill the potion reservoir, use a potion on an activated potion reservoir. Each potion reservoir can hold up to a 6 doses and cannot be refilled (or "topped off").

These are widely not used, as the time it takes to make them, and stock them with timer related potions, on top of increasing the cost of any such potion by the cost of an empty flask, roughly 9,000 gold, for no measurable benefit, as the player in combat still has to consistently monitor a combat scenario they are in.

Another problem with the reservoir is that only one can be activated and used at a time, meaning the player could have a reservoir for their overload potion, but then not have one for their weapon poison, or prayer renewal, rendering their potential afk time saving moot.

Despite this, the potion reservoir is very useful for killing dragons if you allow it to hold any kind of antifire. Using it can make afking the King Black dragon very safe, because you nearly completely mitigate the risk of dying when your antifire runs out. If a death costs 600k+, the few thousand coins spent on the potion flask to create them may be well worth it.

It should also be noted the reservoir cannot hold certain combination potions, regardless of timers. It is unknown why.

These could be useful where one would not want to renew their potions early. With expensive time-based potions that are cost efficient to use altogether, like weapon poison ++, the potion reservoir could save money and be convenient. Monsters like abyssal demons die and respawn quickly. Effective use of poison can help speed this up, where dps boost would be overkill.


Potion reservoir Potion reservoir
Invention-Make-X GE icon
150 XP--
Invention Invention level112
Blueprint (Invention) Research: Potion reservoir
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Potion flaskPotion flask17,9527,952
Simple partsSimple parts5N/A-
Clear partsClear parts5N/A-