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Potato with cheese detail

Potato with cheese is a members-only food item that heals up to 1600 life points and is consumed in one bite. It can be made at level 47 Cooking by using a piece of cheese on a potato with butter. This grants 40 Cooking experience and does not require use of a fire or range.

Cooking all ingredients from scratch for a potato with cheese gives 199.5 Cooking experience. Before the infinite stocks in shops update, they were sold for only 9 coins each, but now sell in the Warriors' Guild for 350 coins.

This is a fairly uncommon food. Monkfish offer more life points per single-bite healing, are 0.1 kg lighter, much more easily obtainable, and usually less expensive. In addition, unlike the mushroom potato and tuna potato, it is also unprofitable to cook a potato with cheese if the final components are purchased from the Grand Exchange.

On a side note, a player needs a Cooking level of 47 to apply cheese to a baked potato, where as they need a Cooking level of 48 to churn cheese.

A player owning a player-owned house with a teak larder and range may have a much easier time creating a potato with cheese. An infinite amount of potatoes, cheese, and milk are available, and the potatoes can be cooked on the stove. The process would still take a while, however it would be virtually free (costing only time mainly in obtaining butter).

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Warriors' Guild Food Shop350Coins 250Coins 10Yes


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