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Potato cactus seed detail

A potato cactus seed is a Farming seed from which potato cacti may be grown, requiring level 86 Farming. It is planted in the cactus patch in Al Kharid. It can be protected by paying a farmer 10 watermelons, although this is unnecessary if the player has completed the hard Desert Tasks.

Upon harvest, the cactus will produce 3 potato cacti, increasing to 6 with all desert tasks completed, and possible even more with a Giant Ent familiar. It does not need to be replanted after harvest, and will yield 2 potato cacti every 20 mins, capping at 6, similar to a regular Cactus.

The seed may be obtained by hunting most jadinkos, as well as through high level pickpocketing, or from the Grand Exchange.

Healthy potato cactus
Stage Description Image
1 Potato cactus1
2 Potato cactus2
3 Potato cactus3
4 Potato cactus4
5 Potato cactus5
6 Potato cactus6
7 Potato cactus7
8 Potato cactus8

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