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Potato cactus detail

Potato cactus is a members-only item that that can be harvested from a potato cactus seed. It is the secondary ingredient of super magic potion and the tertiary ingredient for spirit kalphite pouches.


Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Ancient warrior1031Rare
Blood reaver108; 1241Common
Cadarn magus1224Uncommon
Camel Warrior1325–15Common
Crystal Shapeshifter1124Common
Desert strykewyrm1033–18Common
Dung kalphiteN/A1Rare
Exiled Kalphite Queen35610–15Common
Fungal mage818Common
Kalphite Guardian722–4Uncommon
Kalphite Queen33310–15Common
Kalphite Soldier651–2Uncommon
Kalphite Worker581Uncommon
Spirit implingN/A1Unknown
Winter Weekends (2012)N/A2Common

Kalphite HiveEdit

Kalphite Hive map

There are a total of 14 spawns in the Kalphite Hive:

  • 1st level – 3 spawn in the south-west room where the Kalphite Soldiers are found.
  • 2nd level – 7 spawn on the west wall next to the lethal Kalphite Queen.
  • 3rd level – 4 spawn, one in each of the corners of the room. This part of the Kalphite Hive is accessible only after the Do No Evil quest by climbing down a hole in the 2nd level next to the Kalphite Queen, or by taking a hidden entrance south of the desert entrance.

Note: Prior to a player entering the Kalphite Hive, it is highly recommended they bring along a few antipoison potions or alternatively, an Anti-Poison Totem, as Kalphite Soldiers and Kalphite Guardians are poisonous. Kalphite workers and the Kalphite Queen, however, are not poisonous - but be warned that the Kalphite Queen is level 333, and not something you want to run into unprepared.

Soul WarsEdit

Potato cactus can be randomly obtained as a reward by gambling two zeal points in the Soul Wars minigame.


Potato cacti are possible loot from Spirit implings.


Noted potato cacti can be obtained as one of two random rewards from the Box of summoning ingredients, a possible reward from the Familiarisation Distraction and Diversion.


Some of the monsters within the Polypore Dungeon along with Desert strykewyrms drop noted potato cacti.

Daily collectionEdit

20 noted potato cacti can be obtained daily from the Weird Old Man near the Kalphite Hive, after completion of the medium Desert tasks. This increases to 30 after the completion of the hard tasks, and to 40 after the elite tasks.


Potato cactus seeds can be planted in a cactus patch to grow a potato cactus plant, which take 560 minutes time to grow if no diseases occur. It will provide potato cacti just like a fruit tree provides fruit; it will keep growing back. The maximum amount of cacti it will store is 3 (6 with all the desert tasks complete and possibly more if one has a giant ent familiar).

Potato cactus8

A fully grown potato cactus plant.


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  • The Potato cacti's appearances resemble those of the brittle pricklypears (Opuntia fragilis) found in dry western regions of North America.

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