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Pot lid detail

Pot lids are used to seal pots. This is useful only in some quests.


A pot lid is made first by mining clay, then adding water by using the clay with a bucket of water/any resource of water, which will give you a soft clay, and then using the soft clay with a potter's wheel, one of which can be found in Gunnarsgrunn, to make an unfired pot lid. Then finally using the unfired pot lid with a pottery oven, one of which one can also be found in Gunnarsgrunn, to create the pot lid.

Making an unfired pot lid gives 20 Crafting experience. Then you take the unfired pot lid and heat it in a potter's oven. There is a chance that it breaks in the intense heat, but if it doesn't, it comes out as a pot lid, giving another 20 experience.

Other informationEdit

  • Players need to have made a pot lid after a cutscene at the beginning of the Back to my Roots quest.


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