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Poison ivy berries detail

Poison ivy berries are an item that members with level 82 Herblore can use to make weapon poison++. They can also be used as an ingredient for supercompost. Players cannot eat them.

Members can pick poison ivy berries from a poison ivy bush, which they can grow from a poison ivy seed with level 70 Farming. This is the only way of obtaining poison ivy berries, except for buying them from other players.

The seeds to grow these berries can be bought on the Grand Exchange, for exactly 119 coins at market price. After harvesting the berries, a player will easily recover the cost of the seed, while making a fair profit. Profits can be further boosted by the boost of a giant ent familiar. In addition, the Poison Ivy bush will never become diseased so using compost or supercompost is unnecessary. These grow in two hours and forty minutes, yielding 674 experience points from checking the health, and 45 experience points per berry picked making them quite efficient for training Farming past level 70. There is generally a high demand for these berries, usually from high-levelled players training Herblore.

Picking poison ivy berries in the bush patch in Varrock, near the Champion's Guild, is a hard Varrock Task.

Farmers require eight poison ivy berries to watch over a growing calquat tree.


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