Point may refer to:

Skills and QuestsEdit

  • Experience points - When a player gains enough experience points, they gain a level, and possibly the ability to do new things
  • Life Points - Points used to withstand damage; if they reach zero the player will die
    • Hitpoints - the Constitution skill prior to 3 March 2010
  • Prayer points - Points used to activate and maintain prayers
  • Summoning points - Points used when Summoning familiars
  • Quest points - Points given upon completion of quests


  • Musa Point - The free-to-play area of Karamja
  • Mudskipper Point - The spit of land where mudskippers can be fought south of Port Sarim
  • Respawn (or spawn) point - When a player dies, they will appear at their spawn point (Lumbridge for all free players, but members can change to Falador or Camelot)


  • Currency
  • Honour points - Points earned by playing Barbarian Assault; redeemed for improved roles in the minigame, armour or a random reward
  • Costume point - Earned by selecting the option from certain random event gift boxes; redeemable for random event costumes
  • Penguin points - Points awarded to users for playing Penguin Hide and Seek; redeemed for coins or experience
  • Pizazz points - Points earned and spent in the Mage training arena; redeemed for runes, Infinity robes, Wands or the Bones to peaches spell
  • Perk Points - Points earned from the Prawnbroker while completing tasks for the player-owned Aquarium
  • Produce points - Points earned from Livid Farm
  • Slayer reward points - Points granted upon completion of a slayer task, after the player has completed Smoking Kills; redeemed for experience, equipment, new abilities and skipping tasks
  • Stealing Creation points, obtained from Stealing Creation; redeemed for experience boosting tools and armour
  • Void Knight Commendation Points - Points earned by playing the Pest Control game; redeemed for robes, helmets, charms or combat experience
  • Zeal points - Points rewarded for participation in the Soul Wars minigame; redeemed for combat experience, charms, pets or a random reward
  • Runespan points - Points rewarded for gathering runes for the runecrafting guild in the Runespan
  • Reaper points - Points rewarded for completing a Soul Reaper task


  • Dramatic Point - an emote obtained during the 2009 Christmas event, and all other Christmas events thereafter
  • Point (emote) - a theatre emote only used on-stange in a Clan Theatre
  • Point (Sitting) - a theatre emote only used in the audience of a Clan Theatre
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