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The pluming stand is a piece of furniture that can be built in the Workshop of a player-owned house with the Construction skill. The player can decorate steel full helms or rune full helms in their family crest colours on the stand to create a heraldic helm. To colour a steel full helm or a rune full helm, a player needs level 38 Crafting.

Name Requirements Image
Arrav Shield of Arrav Herald arrav helm
Asgarnia None Herald asgarnia helm
Dorgeshuun The Lost Tribe Herald dorgeshuun helm
Dragon Dragon Slayer Herald dragon helm
Fairy Lost City Herald fairy helm
Guthix 70+ Prayer Herald guthix helm
H.A.M. None Herald HAM helm
Horse Toy horsey in inventory Herald horse helm
Jogre None Herald jogre helm
Kandarin None Herald kandarin helm
Misthalin None Herald misthalin helm
Money Cost 500,000 coins Herald money helm
Saradomin 70+ Prayer Herald saradomin helm
Skull Skulled Heraldic helmet (Construction)
Varrock None Herald varrock helm
Zamorak 70+ Prayer Herald zamorak helm

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