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Player Power (formerly Power to the Players) is an in-game polling system introduced to RuneScape in mid-January 2014 to give players the ability to choose the content and updates being added into the RuneScape game. All polls are open to members, and certain polls are available to free players. Seven polls are run every month, with the exception of January 2014 with six polls.[1] Each player only has one vote per poll, but they are allowed to change their mind as many times as they wish while the poll is open. The vote they have chosen at the close of the poll is the one that will be logged for that player.

There are 3 tiers of polls: dragonstone, diamond, and ruby. Dragonstone polls are about large-scale updates which impact most aspects of the game, such as the addition of the new skill Invention. Diamond polls concern medium-scale updates, such as the addition of a new boss monster. Ruby polls are for small updates, such as the reworking of the rewards for a quest. Dragonstone polls run for the whole month, diamond polls run for two weeks, and ruby polls run for a week each.

With every poll, the winning option is guaranteed to enter the game. This does not, however, mean that the losing option will never be added as well, just that it will not be given priority at that time. An exception to this will be "yes/no" polls; a plurality "no" vote will mean that update will be scrapped. Jagex had announced that some unpopular aspects of the game such as the Evolution of Combat, the Treasure Hunter, and the Solomon's General Store, will not be polled as Jagex consider them to be necessities.

There is a specific section of the forums for the discussion of Player Power polls, and another for feedback and suggestions.

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