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For the character controlled by the player at all times, see Player character.

A playable character is a character that can be temporarily controlled by the player. The options with the character are very limited, and are usually restricted to movement, combat and the inventory screen. Each character serves a specific purpose. Currently, they are used in:

Playable characters have included:

Quests characters
Character Quest
Zanik The Chosen Commander
Korasi Quiet Before the Swarm
Kennith Salt in the Wound
Vanescula Drakan The Branches of Darkmeyer
Baron Von Hattenkrapper A Clockwork Syringe
Nomad Dishonour among Thieves
Arrav Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav
Tunks Call of the Ancestors
Xenia Nomad's Elegy
Ahrim the Blighted Kindred Spirits
Kharshai Children of Mah
Fremennik Sagas characters
Character Saga
Sir Owen Three's Company
Kay Thanxby Vengeance
The Forgotten Warrior
Marmaros Thok It To 'Em
Thok Your Block Off
Moia Nadir
Minigames and D&D characters
Character Minigame
Surula the Barmaid Player-owned port
Felix the Black Marketeer Player-owned port
Seasinger Umi Player-owned port

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