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The Platypus is a Summoning pet available at level 10 Summoning. It is caught via Hunter at level 48 using a box trap. To capture a Platypus, you have to lure the creature towards a box trap using smouldering lavender. Use a tinderbox on lavender to cause it to smoulder. Doing so will also equip the smouldering lavender in the weapon slot but unequiping it will immediately extinguish it and it will turn to ashes. The smouldering lavender may also turn to ashes after a few moments of burning and the Ashes will appear in your inventory. If there's no room the ashes will be dropped automatically. The platypus can be found south of Oo'glog but you must complete As a First Resort before you are allowed to hunt here.

Once caught, a baby platypus eats raw fish or ground fishing bait. An adult eats fishing bait. They seem to have a rather large intellect.

Platypodes can be caught in Oo'glog during the quest As a First Resort.... Baby platypodes can be caught south of Oo'glog after the quest. Level 48 Hunter and level 10 Summoning are also required to catch a baby platypus, which becomes a pet and can then grow to the adult form.

BE WARNED: Smouldering lavender will cause nearby wimpy birds to attack you constantly, dealing 60 life points with each hit. The birds cannot be attacked, and armour or protection prayers do not prevent the damage. Smouldering tansymum will cause all nearby platypodes to flee from you. Smouldering fever grass will cause them to attack you with poison. However due to the proximity to the spa pools this is not fatal, as you can heal life points and stop poisoning.

Like most pets, this pet has a growth rate of 1% for every 15% hunger.

Releasing the pet platypus in the same location as done during the quest will result in another casket or oyster.

Colour Baby Adult
Chathead NPC Chathead NPC
Brown Baby platypus (brown) chathead Baby platypus (brown) pet Platypus (brown) chathead Platypus (brown) pet
Grey Baby platypus (grey) chathead Baby platypus (grey) pet Platypus (grey) chathead Platypus (grey) pet
Tan Baby platypus (tan) chathead Baby platypus (tan) pet Platypus (tan) chathead Platypus (tan) pet



  • When your adult platypus says "chim chim chiree," it is likely a reference to the song "Chim Chim Cher-ee" from the movie Mary Poppins.
  • The platypus is one of the few followers able to block other NPCs. This can be used as an aid in trapping penguins or in creating safespots, for example.
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