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For the armour type, see platebody.

Plate is a trade good obtained from player-owned ports. It is a reward from completing voyages upon reaching the Hook region. It is used to create Tetsu armour and their respective weapons. Players can gain plate from The Missionary and The Convict storylines, special voyages offered by The Whaler and the Memory, and some standard voyages. If a player wishes to 'farm' plate, it is recommended to build two Whaler and one Biologist statue, and use their joint mission.

The maximum amount of Plates a player can store at one time is 250. Any successful voyages after this will not increase the total.

Superior tetsu armourEdit

Item Plate needed Repair cost (Bob's Axes) Level to make Degrade time
Superior tetsu helm Superior tetsu helm 40 Plate 600,000 90 Smithing-icon 12 Hours
Superior tetsu platelegs Superior tetsu platelegs 60 Plate 1,200,000
Superior tetsu body Superior tetsu body 100 Plate 2,400,000
Total 200 Plate 4,200,000

Tetsu armourEdit

Regular Tetsu armour cannot be repaired or traded once they have started to degrade. Based on the GE prices of the regular Tetsu armour, an approximate value for Plate can be calculated as follows:

Item Plate needed Grand Exchange price Gold per Plate Level to make Degrade time
Tetsu helm Tetsu helm 30 Plate 1,198,081 39,936 90 Smithing-icon 10 Hours
Tetsu platelegs Tetsu platelegs 50 Plate 1,993,080 39,862
Tetsu body Tetsu body 80 Plate 2,983,316 37,291
Total 160 Plate 6,174,477 38,590


Item Plates needed Pearls needed Tengu tsuba Level Degrade time
Tetsu katana Tetsu katana 100 Plate 50 Pearls 1 Tengu tsuba 92 Smithing-icon 10 Hours
Tetsu wakizashi Tetsu wakizashi 50 Plate 25 Pearls 1 Tengu tsuba 92 Smithing-icon 10 Hours

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