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Plank Make

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Plank Make

A player casting the Plank Make spell.

The Plank Make spell will convert one log that can normally be converted at the sawmill into a plank of the same type, but without running from the bank to sawmill. This still costs coins (as in, the spell will actually CHARGE you money based on the type of log you are converting) but it is 30% cheaper than the sawmill operator. However, this saving is often negated by the rune cost of the spell, which is Expression error: Unexpected < operator. coins based on GE prices for the nature and astral runes (assuming player uses a staff for the Earth runes). Plank Make is a good method to train magic and is faster experience than High Level Alchemy. The need to stay in a bank area may cause players who prefer to train other skills along with magic to be more inclined to use High Level Alchemy. As with all Lunar Magicks spells, the quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed to cast this spell. As well as the completion of Lunar Diplomacy, a player must have also finished Dream Mentor to cast this Spell.

File:Plank Make inventory.png

Plank Make costs 1108 coins per cast.
Plank Make with earth staff or equivalent costs 958 coins per cast.

Plank Make may be cast once per 3 game ticks (about 1.8 seconds). Including banking time, up to about 1800 Plank Makes may be cast per hour, giving about 162k magic experience per hour.

Log Plank Cost in coins
Spell Make Sawmill
Logs Plank 70 100
Oak logs Oak plank 175 250
Teak logs Teak plank 350 500
Mahogany logs Mahogany plank 1050 1500

The following table is based upon casting the spell with an Earth staff or equivalent.

Log Current Coin Values Profit/Loss Profit/Exp
Logs Runes Direct coin cost of spell Plank
Logs 126 Expression error: Unexpected < operator. 70 194 Script error Script error
Oak logs 95 175 371 Script error Script error
Teak logs 116 350 558 Script error Script error
Mahogany logs Script error 1050 Script error Script error Script error


  • Plank Make used to have a confirmation screen for each log, but this was removed. The removal of the confirmation screen speed up the cast speed from once per 4 game ticks to once per 3 game ticks.
  • In September 2009, the cast speed was changed to 2 game ticks per cast but was later changed back to 3.
  • A player casting Plank Make can successfully follow another player as long as some time between casts is given. It is possible to walk around short distances; again leaving some time in between casts. Large distances, however, cannot be covered.
  • Casting Plank Make on Lunar Lumber in the Livid Farm uses a different animation which originally was a large ball of bright light. This was later changed to be not so intense and a dimmer red colour. This was announced in Patch Notes (3 May 2011).
  • A player must cast Plank Make exactly 104,853 times to go from 86 - 99 Magic, and will make a profit of Script error in doing so, if making mahogany planks.

Script errorScript error

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