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Pizazz points are points that are awarded from completing one of the four activities in the Mage Training Arena. Each activity awards a different type of point and all four types are needed to claim most of the rewards. They can be used to buy wands, Infinity Robes, Spell Books, runes, or the spell: Bones to Peaches. They do not appear as an item, but a player can see how many they have by talking to the Progress hat they get from the Mage training arena. Pizazz points are untradeable to other players, as they are incorporeal.

Earning Pizazz PointsEdit

Telekinetic TheatreEdit

Main article: Telekinetic Theatre

Players earn two Points for every maze completed and eight bonus points every fifth maze plus the two Points you gain otherwise. This is the most time consuming of all the training areas for the return you get in pizazz points.

Alchemist's PlaygroundEdit

Players get one Pizazz Point for every 100 coins deposited. Due to the possibility of lag, it is advisable to deposit regularly, since all coins are lost should a player leave the Playground. It is recommended to wait for the green arrows to save nature runes and money if you bought them.

Enchanting ChamberEdit

Main article: Enchanting Chamber

Players earn one point for converting the shape indicated in the lower right of the screen. They also receive points for every tenth item and for every dragonstone converted, the exact values for both determined by the level of enchantment used. The dragonstone and tenth item bonuses make this activity the one most affected by a player's Magic level.

Creature GraveyardEdit

Main article: Creature Graveyard

Players earn one Pizazz point for every sixteen pieces of fruit deposited. Bones to peaches is recommended due to the fast amount of damage caused. If you do not have the Bones to Peaches spell, you must use the Bones to Bananas spell, as you cannot use tablets bought from the Grand Exchange.


A player can buy runes, infinity robes, wands, a mages' book, and the Bones to Peaches spell in the shop upstairs in the mage arena with the pizazz points they've earned.

Item Telekinetic Grab icon High Level Alchemy icon Lvl-5 Enchant icon Bones to Bananas icon Grand Exchange map icon Price
Infinity hat Infinity hat 350 400 3,000 350 6,883,911
Infinity top Infinity top 400 450 4,000 400 6,662,348
Infinity bottoms Infinity bottoms 450 500 5,000 450 6,971,006
Infinity boots Infinity boots 120 120 1,200 120 185,610
Infinity gloves Infinity gloves 175 225 1,500 175 1,337,946
Infinity robes total 1,495 1,695 14,700 1,495 22,040,821
Battlestaff Staff 1 2 20 2 6,908
Beginner wand Beginner wand 30 30 300 30 63,206
Apprentice wand Apprentice wand 60 60 600 60 106,351
Teacher wand Teacher wand 150 200 1,500 150 1,239,308
Master wand Master wand 240 240 2,400 240 290,379
Mages' book Mages' book 500 550 6,000 500 132,803
Bones to Peaches Spell Bones to Peaches icon 200 300 2,000 200 200[1]
Item Telekinetic Grab icon High Level Alchemy icon Lvl-5 Enchant icon Bones to Bananas icon Grand Exchange map icon Price
Mist rune Mist rune 1 1 15 1 1,040
Dust rune Dust rune 1 1 15 1 753
Mud rune Mud rune 1 1 15 1 835
Smoke rune Smoke rune 1 1 15 1 778
Steam rune Steam rune 1 1 15 1 1,040
Lava rune Lava rune 1 1 15 1 748
Cosmic rune Cosmic rune 0 0 5 0 357
Chaos rune Chaos rune 0 1 5 1 89
Nature rune Nature rune 0 1 0 1 411
Death rune Death rune 2 1 20 1 161
Law rune Law rune 2 0 0 0 281
Soul rune Soul rune 2 2 25 2 675
Blood rune Blood rune 2 2 25 2 552
  1. ^ The price of a Bones to peaches tablet that does not require this spell to be unlocked to be used.

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