For the Dominion Tower version, see Pitch can (Dominion Tower).
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Pitch can detail

The pitch can is an item used in The Firemaker's Curse. It can be used to create fires without needing to use logs, granting 2 experience points for each fire made. The fires cannot be walked over or stood on, and you can stamp out the red fires whenever you want by clicking on it to stamp it out. The default colour of the fires created by the Pitch is red, but using Yellow powder or Blue powder you can change this to yellow or blue respectively. After that, using Red powder the colour will be reverted to red again. The pitch can will be removed from the inventory if the player leaves Char's training cave.


During the quest, you can receive another one from Flint. If Flint is killed during the quest, after the quest, the pitch can can be found on the floor of Char's training cave near the entrance.


  • When lighting fire on an NPC, the NPC will still stand on the fire without getting hurt.
  • The destroy description still mentions that "You can get another from Flint" on launch, even if Flint is killed or the player has completed the quest.