The Pit of Trials is the location where the first boss, Beastmaster Durzag, is fought during the Liberation of Mazcab raid.

Pit of Trials map
Pit of Trials

A view of the Pit of Trials

Goebie volleyballEdit

Pit of Trials gong

One of the four gongs in the pit

Goebie volleyball is an Easter egg minigame that can be activated after the beastmaster fight. The four gongs that hang from the walls should be restored and rung in the following order: North, North, South, South, West, East, West, East. If done correctly, the minigame will begin. The game is curated by Lefty and Righty.

Goebie volleyball wasn't found by the players for a number of months after its release. It was revealed at RuneFest 2015.

Goebie beach volleyball

Players playing volleyball


  • The goebie volleyball activation sequence is the Konami code.

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