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The Pirate quest series is a series of quests centring around the pirate islands in south-east Gielinor. The quests in the quest series are linear but each quest touches very different aspects of the plot. This is one of the few quest series that have a free to play quest in it, Pirate's Treasure. The other quests are only for members, however. There will eventually be eight parts to the quest line, six of which have already been released.


Rum DealEdit

Main article: Rum Deal

The player is taken by Pirate Pete to a secret rum-brewing island, Braindeath Island. It has been invaded by a crew of zombie pirates lead by Captain Donnie. The player needs to help the boss of the brewery on the island, Captain Braindeath, to get Donnie drunk with 'rum'. The player needs to gather the ingredients for the rum on the island, brew the rum and give it to him. He will tell the player that he, along with his crew, were sent to Braindeath Island by someone called Rabid Jack. He is the main antagonist of the series, and this is the first time he is mentioned.

Cabin FeverEdit

Main article: Cabin Fever

Bill Teach asks the player to help him fight off an enemy ship and sail to Mos Le'Harmless. The player must board his ship, The Adventurous, and the ship will set sail. On the way, the player is attacked by an enemy pirate ship, which damages The Adventurous. The player must disable the cannon of the other ship, repair their own ship, and plunder the enemy. After the player kills some enemy pirates with the cannon aboard The Adventurous, they will arrive in Mos Le'Harmless, a pirate port. The player is now able to enter Mos Le'Harmless whenever they want.

The Great Brain RobberyEdit

On Mos Le'Harmless, the player agrees to help a hooded monk named Brother Tranquility. He will take the player to the island of the monks, Harmony Island and tell that the island has been attacked by zombie pirates, and the brains of the monks have been swapped. The monks are now locked inside a mill, and the zombies are about to utilise poison gas to finish them off. Using a Prayer book, the player protects the monks. He/she then needs to get Dr. Fenkenstrain, a skilled brain surgeon, to return their brains back to them. The player needs to take Fenkenstrain to Harmony Island and make some surgical equipment for him. After Fenkenstrain is done, the player needs to confront Mi-Gor, the leader of the zombie pirates on the island. Mi-Gor sends his bodyguard, Barrelchest, to finish off the player. The player manages to defeat Barrelchest, but Mi-Gor escapes. The player learns that Rabid Jack is once again the man behind the attack.

Rocking OutEdit

Main article: Rocking Out

The time has come to find out the truth about Rabid Jack. The only person who can help the player with that is Young Ralph, who is imprisoned at The Rock, a prison. He will only reveal information about Rabid Jack if the player presents him with the Marks of the Five Captains. These five captains are Captain Braindeath, Captain Bill Teach, Captain Brass Hand Harry, Captain Redbeard Frank and Captain Izzy No-Beard. For each captain, the player needs to complete a task to get their mark. Upon obtaining all five, Young Ralph tells the player about the Battle of the Archipelago. In this battle, Rabid Jack, who wanted to rule over the whole Eastern Sea and had gathered a powerful fleet of ships, was attacked in his base on the Cursed Archipelago by a fleet of united pirates from Mos Le'Harmless. Rabid Jack lost the battle, his fleet was destroyed, and the crews under his command were killed. Rabid Jack leapt overboard from his ship into the sea, where he presumably died. Many of Jack's pirates killed during the battle returned soon after as the undead. Today they have begun a renewed attack on the Eastern Sea, and these are the very pirates the player has been fighting against in the quest series.

A Clockwork SyringeEdit

Main article: A Clockwork Syringe

After being attacked in your home by a "Barrelchest MK-2" and defeating it, your character brings the zombie head (left over) to Bill Teach for interrogation. However, the zombie head won't cooperate so Bill has you get a "Twiblik Night Special" from Captain Braindeath. Captain Braindeath asks you to find out what has happened to three of his brewers while he prepares it. After entering the dungeon nearby to find all of the workers dead and the dungeon itself filled with zombies and "Rum-Pumped Crabs," you return to Captain Braindeath and tell him the tale. Braindeath gives you the promised "Twiblik Night Special" and you return to Bill Teach.

The "Twiblik Night Special" turns out to be women's cosmetics, and the application of this to the zombie head is sufficient to get it to talk. It tells the two of you about Rabid Jack's operation on "Bloodsplatter Isle" and you and Bill Teach sail there. You are unable to reach shore however as cannonballs are fired at you. To bypass them, you launch yourself in a barrel to the shore and work with the Seagull you sucked into the accordion in "Rocking Out" to destroy the Barrelchests that were firing at you. Bill Teach is now able to dock.

To infiltrate Rabid Jack's operation, you build a Barrelchest disguise and then proceed to sabotage the base, one room at a time. After destroying a conveyor belt, Mi-Gor and Mechanical Murphy try to escape in "zomboats" to attack Mos Le-Harmless. In a naval battle, you board the last "zomboat" and sink the others, before heading back to Bill Teach who takes you back to Mos Le-Harmless. Now that you have proven that Mos Le-Harmless is in danger, Bill promises that things will be looked into and taken care of.

Other QuestsEdit

These quests are not part of the main pirate quest series, but are necessary to progress through the series and involve pirates.

Pirate's TreasureEdit

Main article: Pirate's Treasure

In this quest, the player makes contact with pirates for the first time. After persuading Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim with some rum from Karamja to tell the location of a hidden pirate treasure, the player finds the treasure in Falador Park.

Freeing Pirate PeteEdit

Main article: Freeing Pirate Pete

Pirate Pete has been trapped by an evil wizard, the Culinaromancer, during a secret meeting in Lumbridge. The player needs to feed Pete fishcakes to free him. The player must make a Diving apparatus and get the ingredients needed for the cake from the Mogre Camp. Once the cake is made and fed to Pirate Pete, he is released from the spell. The diving apparatus made in the quest also comes in handy in several other quests in the quest series. This quest is a subquest of Recipe for Disaster.


Pirate's Treasure icon
Rum Deal icon
Cabin Fever icon
The Great Brain Robbery icon
Quest Icon Crest
A Clockwork Syringe icon
50% Luke chathead 50% LukeFF
Bill Teach chathead Bill TeachFF
Captain Braindeath chathead BraindeathFF
Captain Donnie chathead DonnieFFR
Dr Fenkenstrain chathead Dr FenkenstrainF
Mi-Gor chathead Mi-GorFRF
Pirate Pete chathead Pirate PeteF
Captain Rabid Jack chathead Captain Rabid JackRRFR
Redbeard Frank chathead Redbeard FrankFF
Brother Tranquility chathead TranquilityF
Green with the letter "F" denotes a character featuring in that quest.
Orange with an italicised "R" denotes they are only mentioned.

Main LocationsEdit

The quests mostly take place in these areas:

Current Rewards for SeriesEdit



New Locations


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