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Pineapple seed detail

Pineapple seeds may be grown into a pineapple plant which gives pineapples. Level 51 Farming is required to plant it; planting it in a fruit tree patch gives 57 Farming experience.

Pineapple seeds are a popular item to trade on the Grand Exchange, because of their ever-varying price range. They can be obtained by looting Magpie implings, Bird's nests, from the Vinesweeper minigame for 10,000 points, or as a fairly common reward (1 seed) from Treasure Hunter, where it could be converted to 1000 coins during the Double Cash period, implying that normally they could be converted to 500 coins, which is 8,649 less than selling them on the Grand Exchange.

Pineapple seed
Farming level 51
Patch Fruit tree
Payment 10 watermelons
Time 960 minutes (6x160 minutes)
Seeds per 1 seed
Planting 57
Checking 4605.7
Harvesting 21.5
Crop Pineapple
Yield[?] 6
Healthy Pineapple plant
Stage Description Image
1 The pineapple sapling has only just been planted. Pineapple plant 1
2 The pineapple plant grows larger. Pineapple plant 2
3 The pineapple plant base turns brown. Pineapple plant 3
4 The pineapple plant grows larger. Pineapple plant 4
5 The pineapple plant grows larger. Pineapple plant 5
6 The pineapple plant grows larger. Pineapple plant 6
7 The pineapple plant is ready to be harvested. Pineapple plant 7


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