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The Pillory was a random event. Players may be sent to the pillory by a pillory guard. Prior to the 25 February 2009 update to Random Events, it was only available to members attempting to use the Thieving skill or by random (rarely). However, it has now been confirmed that one can get this event any time, anywhere.

The player must unlock the cage to escape, by clicking on the correct symbols.


The random event.

Pillory puzzle

The puzzle.

It starts out with three locks; if a player misses, it resets and an additional symbol is added up to a maximum of five symbols.

When the pillory random event is solved, a reward is received. The only possible reward from this random is a Random event gift.

Before the 25 February 2009 update, some players would attempt to steal from stalls beyond their level. They wouldn't be able to steal, but were still able to get random events pertaining to stealing, one of them being the Pillory event.

The pillory cages are located in Varrock east of the general store, in the western part of Seers' Village and slightly north of the bank in Yanille. While people are completing the event, the people outside can buy rotten tomatos from Pelter's Veg Stall, the crate located near the pillories, for 1 coin and throw them at the player, although this does not affect their progress.

Outside the pillory, the tramp, a non-player character, throws rotten tomatoes at the players inside.

Note that it was possible to teleport out of the pillory. After the random event is removed, attempting to pickpocket the pillory guard will result in being caged, and you cannot teleport out. One must apologize to the guard to leave.

Pillory Bug Edit

The pillory bug allowed a Member to get into the pillory in a Free-to-Play world. First, the player had go to a member's world and steal using the Thieving skill until they get the pillory random event. If the player was teleported to the Varrock pillory, the player could have then logged out and world switch to a Free-to-play world. It was impossible to get into the Varrock pillory any other way. Free players also could throw rotten tomatoes at the player in the pillory.

Solving the pillory lock while on a free world would teleport the player to Lumbridge without a reward.


  • Pillory and Drill Demon are the only two random events introduced and removed on the same day of the year, making their existence in RuneScape exactly 7 years.
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