Pie Shop

Pie Shop interior

Cooking Guild
Release date 20 February 2006 (Update)
Members Yes
Minimap icon Food shop map icon
Location Cooks' Guild
Owner Romily Weaklax
Specialty Pies
Romily Weaklax location

The Pie Shop is a food shop that sells pies. It is run by Romily Weaklax. It is located on the ground floor of the Cooks' Guild.

The amount of items she offers in the shop is based on the player, as all shops are personalised. By buying pie dishes and reselling them on the Grand Exchange, one can make a profit of 43,700 coins in a few minutes. Players who have completed the Varrock Hard Tasks have access to a bank inside the Cooks' Guild, further decreasing the time taken to buy pie dishes and pots of flour from the store.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Pie recipe book Pie recipe book 10 5 coins 1 378 3,730
Redberry pie Redberry pie 0 150 coins 45 1,767 0
Meat pie Meat pie 0 160 coins 48 380 0
Mud pie Mud pie 0 54 coins 16 5,716 0
Apple pie Apple pie 0 140 coins 42 328 0
Garden pie Garden pie 0 90 coins 27 511 0
Fish pie Fish pie 0 100 coins 30 277 0
Admiral pie Admiral pie 0 310 coins 93 1,398 0
Wild pie Wild pie 0 182 coins 54 1,452 0
Summer pie Summer pie 0 140 coins 42 902 0
Pot of flour Pot of flour 100 14 coins 4 298 28,400
Pie dish Pie dish 100 3 coins 1 440 43,700

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