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Pickled brain detail

Pickled brain is an item used only in Creature of Fenkenstrain quest. It is bought from the Hair of the Dog tavern for 50 coins (or telegrabbed), and then used with the decapitated head.

This happens to be the brain of Lord Rologarth, the ruler of Fenkenstrain's Castle.

When a player tries to pick a pickled brain up off the table the bar man says that they must buy one for 50 coins. This item can still be obtained even if the player has completed the quest, though it has no use.

With the addition of the Morytania Task System, a medium task is to: "Telegrab the pickled brain on a table in the Hair of the Dog". To telegrab, one needs level 33 Magic, 1 law rune and 1 air rune.


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